Brad Bird Debunks ‘Incredibles 2’ Plot Hole Theory

Incredibles 2 Brad Bird

In a recent Twitter exchange, Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird debunked a so called plot hole theory.

During the exchange a Twitter user called out one of the events of the film that didn’t quite click with him. During the film’s climax, the main antagonist brain washes Mr. and Mrs. Incredible to deliver a message regarding the dangers of superheroes. Luckially they snap out of it and ultimately save the day but something seemed to be off according to this one user:

PLOT HOLE in @TheIncredibles 2 that has been bothering me (SPOILER WARNING) a thread

So, when all the supers are on the boat the last thing everyone in the city sees on TV is mind-controlled Mr. and Mrs. Incredible making that whole speech that Superheroes are a threat.

Then, the TV broadcast ends and the next thing people see is that the ship is headed straight for the city. We as the audience knows that Mr and Mrs. Incredible were being hypnotized by Evelyn and eventually they save the ship from really damaging anything in the city.

The ending shows them painted as the heroes who just saved the day again. But like, all the people in the city have no clarification on everything that happened after that original broadcast.

To the citizens, the supers saved everyone from a potential boat destruction that the Supers themselves created. Everyone in town had no idea who Evelyn is so why are people cheering when the Incredibles stopped the boat? Shouldn’t they be confused? AMERICA EXPLAIN. #incredibles2

Director Brad Bird responded by more or less saying that he expected the audience to be smart enough to catch on to what was going on:

I don’t agree that it’s a “plot hole”. I assumed the audience would figure out that, once the boat was stopped, normal exchanges of information would happen between that crash and the villain being taken away. I didn’t need to SHOW it. Nothing worse than explaining the obvious.

You can see the full exchange below:

What do you all make of this thread? Is it something that the writer/director should have taken better note of or was this this case of a fan overthinking a problem? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Incredibles 2 will be available on Digital HD on October 23rd and available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 6th.

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