New Theory Connects Captain America’s Powers To Black Panther

Captain America Black Panther AvengersIn a recent among an ever-increasing number of fan theories, someone connected Captain America’s abilities to Black Panther and Wakanda.

In the post someone came up with the idea that the reason no one had ever been able to recreate Captain America’s super soldier serum was because it was derived from the Heart Shaped Plant in Black Panther:

Nobody is able to recreate the Super Soldier Serum in the MCU because it comes from the Heart Shaped Herb.

The poster then goes on to great length to justify this theory:

In the MCU it’s been established that Dr. Abraham Erskine, the scientist who turned Steve Rogers into Captain America in The First Avenger (2011), was the only person to ever successfully produce an effective Super Soldier Serum. It’s also established that Cap’s shield is made of vibranium, a supermetal that is only found in Wakanda.

Skip forward from WWII to the present day, and the closest we’ve seen in the MCU to powers resembling those of Steve Rogers are those of the Black Panther. T’Challa and Erik “Killmonger” Stevens both have enhanced speed, strength, and endurance when they possess the powers of the Black Panther. They aren’t necessarily superhuman, but they are at peak human ability, just like Captain America.

Going back to WWII, Erskine’s original attempt at making a super soldier failed, deforming Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull. A few years later, Erskine was ready to try again. With the help of the brilliant Howard Stark, he perfected it and turned the weakling Steve Rogers into the super soldier Captain America.

The difference between the two attempts is that Erskine was now working with Howard Stark. Stark, as we know, had acquired enough vibranium to make a shield sometime before Cap formed the Howling Commandos.

Seeing as vibranium only comes from Wakanda, Stark must have gone to Wakanda (or at least he had a contact there) in order to get his hands on the vibranium needed to make the shield. At some point during his dealings with the Wakandans, Stark must have heard about the Black Panther and his superhuman abilities.

Stark, if not already working with Erskine by this point, would have realized that if America could harness the powers of the Black Panther, they could be used to create a super soldier. Seeing as how Stark was working with and doing science for the US military, he could have figured out that Erskine was the man to talk to about creating an American super soldier.

If Stark was already working with Erskine by the time he found out about the Black Panther, he would have told Erskine about the Black Panther and gotten the go-ahead to figure out how to incorporate it into the super soldier program.

So Stark manages to get some Heart-Shaped Herb via some kind of deal, or maybe he just steals some of it (à la Rocket and the Sovereign’s batteries) when he finds out that the Wakandans aren’t willing to exchange it for anything.

Now that the Americans have the Heart Shaped Herb, the Super Soldier program can continue unhindered. The Herb seems to contain a stabilizing agent which prevents unwanted mutations (e.g. turning into the Red Skull) during the enhancement process. The research is completed and they are ready to find a candidate. That candidate ends up being Steve Rogers.

In short, because both are derived from the same source, Cap’s powers and T’Challa’s powers are very similar.

The influence of the Heart Shaped Herb on the MCU doesn’t stop there. The reason that Bruce Banner got turned into the Hulk instead of successfully relaunching the Super Soldier Program (like Ross wanted) in The Incredible Hulk (2008) is that the key ingredient — the Heart Shaped Herb’s stabilizing agent — was missing, and the same goes for Blonsky when he turns into the Abomination.

TL;DR: The Super Soldier Serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America was derived from the Heart Shaped Herb that gives people the powers of the Black Panther. The Heart Shaped Herb was incorporated into the Serum by Howard Stark, who somehow got a sample of the Herb from Wakanda, where he also obtained the vibranium used to make Cap’s famous shield. The Herb contains a key ingredient that prevents the enhanced individual from getting fucked up like the Red Skull, the Hulk, and the Abomination did.

While this theory is interesting, it doesn’t exactly line up with what happened in Captain America: The First Avenger. When the Red Skull used the super soldier serum on himself it was incomplete and deformed him but gave him super strength all the same. It was also heavily implied throughout the length of the film that the serum’s more positive effects had more to do with the characters morality and was less based in hard science. It also stands to reason that if Howard Stark and everyone else knew about the Heart Shaped Herb they probably would have returned to Wakanda in some way to continue the program. But who knows! Captain America and Black Panther’s abilities are very similar so perhaps they have a common root.

What do you all make of this theory? Does it have to many holes in it? Would you like to see the films have more connections to Wakanda? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

  • Peter James

    There’s a big fat massive GIGANTIC hole in this theory:-.

    Captain America : Winter Soldier (and also Civil War).

    It’s implied in Winter Soldier that Bucky Barnes is a similar type super-soldier like Cap who was created by Hydra in a process somewhat mimicking what Erskine had done, which is partly what enabled him to withstand the operation to replace his hand with the mechanical one, and also which allowed him to survive Cryogenic freezing which makes him the same physical age as cap while also being the same chronological age almost 70 years later.

    Furthermore, in Civil War, we learn that Hydra went ahead and created 5 (6?) more Super-soldiers with the same process AFTER they had created Bucky, and using him as model.

    All of which to say, unless there was a continuous open train and stream and supply of Heart-Shaped herb which kept landing in the hands of SHIELD or Hydra, then it’s not the Heart-shaped Herb that is the “Secret ingredient”.

    • Grant McCollister

      Well, they (the Super Soldiers) were all “made” around the same time. In my theory (I literally just came up with this part so I haven’t worked out the timeline yet, I don’t know when the vibranium was stolen from Wakanda) it was a relative of Klaue (maybe his father) who stole it, for Hydra, then met Howard (who was already working with Erskine at this point) at one of those conventions Tony mentions in AoU. Howard (maybe while drunk) gets to talking with Klaue (again, not the one we know), and casually mentions what he and Erskine are working on, and Klaue tells him he might have just the thing, tells Howard he got “the last of it”, and sells the rest to Hydra. He then writes about Wakanda in his journal, which he later gives to his son (probably on his deathbed, because that would be more dramatic). And the rest is history! Wow! That got good! I think I just wrote my first fan-fiction

      • Peter James

        The Vibranium was stolen from Wakanda by Klaue himself (not his father).
        That’s why they branded him with the Wakandan word for “Thief” on the back of his neck, as we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he spoke of it.

        So that throws both your timeline and your theory out of the window.

        Also, the 5 Super-soldiers that Hydra created whom we saw in Cap 3 : Civil War, were created using serum that was stolen (or taken) from Howard Stark himself by Bucky when he murdered both him and Tony’s mother.

        Which would beg the question (as to your theory) as to why, if they (Hydra) already had some herb that they got from Klaue or Klaue’s father (which I assume you mean was what they used to create Bucky), why would they then need to steal finished seruem created by Stark himself, to create more soldiers?

        The Super-soldier serum has nothing to do with the heart-shaped herb.

        If Klaue (Ulysses, then one we know) had stolen the herb, being the weapons dealer that he is, he would know what it was and what it could do and would never just “give” it to someone else. So I highly doubt his father would either.
        It’s one of the most protected things in all of Wakanda.
        Probably even more protected than Vibranium itself and thus more valuable.

        • Grant McCollister

          Give me a break, man. It was a theory I hastily concocted in the of the night, forgive me if I couldn’t remember every detail from 19 movies.

          First, I know Klaue was established as the only person to have stolen anyone from Wakanda, but I also know something like that is easily ret-coned. Besides, it doesn’t have to be stolen, they could’ve invited Erskine or Stak or someone to come do research, and something went wrong, and that’s why they closed their borders. Or maybe it was smuggled out, or something

          Second, I believe in Black Panther, the only item that Killmonger and Klaue stole from the museum that was shown to be made of vibranium, Killmonger specifically started was stolen from Wakanda. Also, I don’t see why the vibranium in Cap’s shield could’nt be from Wakanda, both Cap and Tony knew about it, and in that same movie (that same scene, actually), it was pretty easy for Bruce to find records of it. And we know S.H.I.E.L.D knows about Wakanda, as evidenced by the map behind Tony during his de-briefing in IM2. All this to say that an outsider (probably an outsider besides Klaue) must have been to Wakanda before.

          The only part of your post that I admittedly didn’t take into acount is the fact that the Winter Soldier stole the serum from Howard and Maria”s car, but that can easily be made to fit into my theory.

          There may be holes in this theory, but there also are in most movies. I just think there’s a link between the serum and the herb. I’m not asking anyone else to believe it, but I do

  • Grant McCollister

    This is my theory, I swear (minus the Hulk part, but honestly, once you get the Cap/Wakanda part worked out, it doesn’t take much to get there)

  • Neuromancer

    Theres a couple other holes, the super soldier serum takes vita rays to activate so to speak, remember cap being in that capsule and the light they bombarded his body with? those were vita rays. It was a process also needed to recreate the legacy serum, which is probably the serum bucky had administered and its also the serum nick fury has in the comics that prolongs his life for so long.

    It could have vibarium properties, like the plants making them sorta related, but its more likely its like in the comics and based on mutant DNA, which is a rumor in the comics. Cap and wolverine are super soldier cousins in a way. But its mostly based on potassium.

    Hopefully marvel does weapon X/weapon plus program, which is the program started by caps rebirth.

    Many of marvels best characters come from weapon plus program, and if they introduce it in the mcu, they already wasted Nuke, but hopefully we could see how wolverine was abducted and an attempt to make a Canadian super soldier out of a mutant. Deadpool, fantomex, who is a mutant sentinel hybrid that has the mutant ability of enhance strength, speed, intelligence and he can create elaborate illusions.

    Marvel could be really cool if they don’t limit their options now to MCU elements, they need to for go their “formula” and start bringing in the core mythology from the comics. Caps next shield should be a more powerful version made of vibranium and adamantium.