Carrie-Anne Moss Discusses Her Experience With Marvel & Netflix

Carrie-Anne Moss has a full plate when it comes to working with Marvel and Netflix. She has already been featured in Jessica Jones season one and Daredevil. She can next been seen in the upcoming Jones season two and Iron Fist.

Netflix will soon be working on The Defenders, which blends the entire tone of the Marvel/Netflix universe. Moss noted that despite having different showrunners, each show is super creative and brings out high quality.

“I love it because all of them are different showrunners and the showrunners are super creative. It’s really high quality. It’s interesting to see everyone’s energy in it…Jessica Jones was specifically one thing. It has that tone, it has Melissa in it. To go into these other shows and know what it’s like to be on my show and go be a visitor on someone else’s show, seeing the difference of it, it’s fascinating.”

Moss explained that the set feels different when she isn’t a series regular and is a guest star.

“[The Iron Fist cast and crew are] finding their way, and I’m watching it unfold, but I’m not in it. I’m kind of watching it because I’m not a regular. It’s interesting.”

While working on other shows, Moss is excited to get back to Jessica Jones.

“I can’t wait to see what Melissa’s going to do. I can’t wait to see the story because the stories were so good.”

Source: IGN 

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