D. J. Caruso Resumes Talks For ‘Y: The Last Man’ Television Series

D. J. Caruso reveals that he has been in talks regarding his involvement in the 'Y: The Last Man' television series adaptation.

Y Last Man Caruso
Over a year ago it was reported that a television adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s comic book Y: Last Man was in development for FX. However, this was not the first time that a live-action adaption of the dystopian science-fiction novel had been attempted. New Line Cinema had previously acquired the rights to property but later scrapped plans on a feature film. One of those who was involved in New Line’s early plans was director D. J. Caruso, who was attached to direct the film before the project fell through. While promoting his latest film, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Caruso revealed to Screen Rant that he had resumed talks about being involved in the television adaption.

Caruso discussed his involvement in the project as it currently stands.

“I’m no longer attached, but it’s so funny that you say that. It was one of those times—it was at the time where I saw that series as a trilogy. I thought if you’re gonna make that movie, it’s a trilogy, and I think at the time New Line and Warner Brothers wanted one standalone movie. And so it’s kind of been in development slog over the course of the years, but we’re talking about that. We had a talk about that two weeks ago, about kind of revisiting, and seeing if a great television platform might be the best way to take that series over five years.”

Telling the story of a man and his pet monkey who both inexplicably survive the extinction of every mammal with a Y chromosome, fans of the comic have considered that project difficult to properly adapt with a single feature film. What do you think? Is a film trilogy sufficient enough to faithfully adapt the comic or would a television series be more appropriate? Share your thoughts below!

The Y: The Last Man televison series is still in development.

Source: Screen Rant

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