Misha Collins Says Castiel Will Be A Bit Of A Jerk In ‘Supernatural’ Season 12

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Castiel, aka Cas, is Supernatural‘s angel without wings. He was once a powerful force, who saved Dean Winchester from Lucifer, and since then has been part of the Castiel – Sam – Dean trio in the show. It was revealed that Castiel will be a focus in season 12, and we now also know he will apparently be a little bit of a jerk.

Cas is slowly regaining his powers after he has previously lost them, and during season 12 he will be at the point where he s almost fully powered, but he still will not have wings. According to the actor who plays Cas, Misha Collins, there will be a side effect to regaining his power. According to Collins:

“[Castiel will be] closer to full power than we have seen him, I would say, in years. He’s a little bit of a jerk. Short-tempered.”

I guess when an angel loses and regains his powers, he has some mood swings to go along with it. It might be a good thing though as he and Crowley will be teaming up this season to take down Lucifer. Collins continues:

“[Castiel is] coming out swinging.”

Collins then speaks about Lucifer remaining in Cas’s body still, as it was the devil who took over the character and caused him to lose his heavenly powers. He assures us Lucifer is completely gone from him, but could be one of the reasons for his temper:

“[There are] no vestiges of Lucifer there, other than Castiel being left more pissed off than he was before.”

Well, there you have it. Although we can expect to see more of a focus on Cas this coming season, watch out, because he might have a little bit of an attitude.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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