RUMOR: Chris Evans Has Signed On To Return To The MCU For An ‘Avengers’ Movie

But who will he play?

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Chris Evans may finally make his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! A new rumor suggests the actor has officially signed on for Avengers: Secret Wars.

Given Avengers: Endgame ended with Steve Rogers riding off into the sunset as an old man, Captain America fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Chris Evans will ever return to the MCU. It seems they may have gotten their wish, as a new rumor from a scooper who goes by “MyTimeToShineHello” teases that the actor has already signed on to return in Avengers: Secret Wars.

With all signs pointing to Avengers: Secret Wars being a celebration of the biggest names both within and outside of the MCU, it’s no shock that Marvel would be eyeing Chris Evans to return to the superhero space. However, given the actor’s previous hesitance to reprise his role as Captain America, it’s nice to hear that there may be a chance to see Steve Rogers once more.

Chris Evans May Not Return As Captain America

Of course, just because Chris Evans might return to the MCU in Avengers: Secret Wars, it doesn’t mean that he’ll play Captain America again. A short cameo as a geriatric Steve Rogers may be all fans get, with perhaps a tearful reunion with the now-dead Tony Stark if Robert Downey Jr. decides to return as well. Yet even then, Marvel fans may see Evans don another super suit in the film.

While Chris Evans is protective about returning as Captain America, he’s stated that he’d be much more open to reprising his role as the Human Torch from 2005’s Fantastic Four film. Since Avengers: Secret Wars is set to bring together heroes from across the multiverse, it may make more sense for Marvel to bring him back as Johnny Storm. However, if you ask an MCU fan, they’d probably respond with “Why not both!”

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