Chris Hemsworth Says He Owes Fans Another ‘Thor’ Movie After ‘Love And Thunder’

Thor needs another redemption!

Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth isn’t done with Thor quite yet! The Marvel star feels he owes fans another film after Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder was perhaps the most disappointing film Marvel has put out in recent years. While not the worst film in the studio’s catalog, the project failed to reach the lofty standards of a Thor: Ragnarok sequel. It seems even Chris Hemsworth agrees, feeling he owes fans at least one more film as the God of Thunder.

“I got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself,” Hemsworth explained in a recent profile by Vanity Fair. “I didn’t stick the landing.”

While Chris Hemsworth seems to be at his best when cracking jokes in an action film, Thor: Love and Thunder seemed to take the concept too far, with the movie lacking any sort of defined track to keep up the pacing between the laughs. This combined with a few unfunny jokes and rushed CGI left the Marvel film feeling almost incomplete.

Chris Hemsworth’s New Journey In Thor 5

While Marvel has yet to announce Thor 5, all signs point to pre-production on the film already ramping up. Rumors from late last year suggest the studio wants a darker tone for what may be Chris Hemsworth’s final outing as the God of Thunder, with Rogue One: A Star War Story helmer Gareth Edwards being their top choice to direct the film.

The story for Thor 5 is also up in the air. It’s expected that Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor, along with his new daughter introduced in Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s also more likely than not that Brett Goldstein returns as Hercules in some form following the post-credits scene of the last film. However, Marvel is likely less worried about who will be in the movie as much as delivering a good story.

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