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Chris McKay on 'The LEGO Batman Movie,' why he thought it was so fulfilling having Billy Dee Williams play Two-Face, and the potential of a Nightwing movie.

LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman has had a successful box office run so far. Director Chris McKay was recently interviewed about the film. While on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, McKay discussed all things LEGO Batman, having Billy Dee Williams play Two-Face and why Nightwing, a movie he is helping to develop, will make for a very interesting standalone film.

McKay was asked whether he got the greenlight for The LEGO Batman Movie immediately following The LEGO Movie or if it was something he had to pitch.

“There were a bunch of different hoops we had to go through with our relationship with Warner Bros., our relationship with LEGO and so we had to pitch. Obviously, everyone wanted to do LEGO 2…. The critics liked [The LEGO Movie], audiences liked it […] then we started talking about sequels and obviously everyone wanted to do LEGO 2. LEGO Batman was brought up by the then-president of Warner Bros., Greg Silverman, and he was like, ‘We gotta do [a LEGO Batman Movie]. LEGO Batman was such a breakout character, we have to do it.’”

McKay says he pitched LEGO Batman as “Jerry Maguire as directed by Michael Mann with a lot of jokes in it.” McKay was also excited to include Billy Dee Williams in the film to play Two-Face because he was disappointed that the actor only got to play Harvey Dent and not his alter ego in Tim Burton’s Batman. For McKay, having Williams play Two-Face was like “fulfilling a big hole in my fandom.”

The conversation then turned to Dick Grayson and Nightwing and how his character is different than that of Batman, even though they share similar backstories. McKay thinks Nightwing is relatable because even though he later came to live with Bruce Wayne, he didn’t grow up being privileged prior to that and didn’t initially come from fortune.

McKay couldn’t, however, reveal too much about the new Nightwing movie that is being developed by Warner Bros., but believes the studio can make a “really interesting, intriguing, action-packed character movie” about Nightwing.

“There’s not much I can talk about about the movie. I don’t even have a contract. Anything can happen.”

The LEGO Batman Movie is now playing in theaters.

Source: Shanlian on Batman

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