Chris Pine Opens Up About ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Cancellation & Steve Trevor Return

Should DC have cancelled Wonder Woman 3?

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Was it right for DC to can Wonder Woman 3? Steve Trevor actor Chris Pine speaks on the franchise’s upcoming reboot.

Wonder Woman 3 was one of the most interesting projects to follow after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC, with conflicting reports coming out nearly every day before it was finally canceled. Many fans were relieved at this news, believing the studio needed to start fresh, especially after the disastrous Wonder Woman 1984. Yet Chris Pine, who played Steve Trevor in the first two films, admits that he’s perplexed by the move.

“I’m stunned that they said no to a billion-dollar franchise and decided to pivot elsewhere,” Pine explained to Business Insider. “I don’t know what the reasoning was behind that; it’s above my pay grade, but Wonder Woman is an incredible character; Patty is such a thoughtful director.”

While it’s certainly true that the first Wonder Woman grossed nearly a billion dollars at the box office, the landscape of DC films has changed a lot since 2017. Its sequel Wonder Woman 1984 made barely a fourth of what the first film did, but it did come out in the midst of a pandemic. While it’s understandable for Chris Pine to be confused by the choice, all signs point to the reboot being the best path forward.

Chris Pine Speaks On Potential Return To DC

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor was one of the best parts of both Wonder Woman films, having a firebrand chemistry with Gal Gadot. Fans celebrated when Pine returned to Wonder Woman 1984 despite being dead, leading many to speculate he’d also show up in Wonder Woman 3. However, when asked about the possibility of another Steve Trevor return, Pine admitted his time with DC was over.

“Me. No. Homie is dead. Steve is gonzo,” Pine explained. “It would be ridiculous to try to bring me back.”

It was certainly already ridiculous to bring Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984. Yet it’s good to hear that Chris Pine would’ve had enough sense not to return for a potential Wonder Woman 3. Even though he won’t return as the soldier following the reboot, this may leave the actor open to play another DC hero. Booster Gold, anyone?

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