‘Super Mario Bros.’: Chris Pratt Teases Mario Voice For Upcoming Film

Chris Pratt nails it! Kind of.

Mario Chris Pratt Guardians Of The Galaxy Super Mario Bros.

Chris Pratt jokingly teased his Mario voice for the upcoming Super Marios Bros. film.

Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment confirmed the cast for the Super Marios Bros. film yesterday, which practically sent the internet ablaze. Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt was tapped to voice the lead plumber Mario, with Charlie Day as his green-hatted brother Luigi. Anya Taylor-Joy also joined as Peach, with Seth Rogen stepping into the role of Donkey Kong. To round out the voice cast, Jack Black was cast as the iconic villain Bowser.

Fans were left wondering after yesterday’s announcement how Chris Pratt would sound like Mario because, well, he isn’t Italian. Some took the opportunity to roast and ridicule the casting, while others appreciated the out-of-left-field choice.

Taking to Instagram, Chris Pratt shared a heartfelt story of how he was first introduced to the Super Mario Bros. franchise. In the emotional video, he jokingly teased his Mario voice before revealing that he’s still working on the voice with Nintendo and that it’s a secret for now.

The Super Marios Bros. film is set to hit theatres next winter, giving the voice cast plenty of time to fine-tune their voices for the sure-to-be popular film. It’ll also be interesting to see if Chris Pratt or Nintendo directly addresses the backlash that the actor has received for taking on the role. Pratt has proven himself to be a chameleon these last few years, easily sliding between genres. It’s also easy to forget that Chris Pratt provided the voice for Emmett in The Lego Movie franchise, one of the more celebrated animated films from the last decade.

Full story details on the upcoming film are currently unknown. The video games, however, traditionally follow Mario on his various adventures. In most games, Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, often traversing the Mushroom Kingdom and fighting Bowser’s children to do it. Later games would see the locations move away from the iconic Kingdom but generally involved the protagonist battling the fire-breathing Koopa.

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Source: Instagram