Christopher Nolan Confirms James Bond Fans’ Worst Fear

Don't trust the rumors!

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It’s been heavily rumored that Christopher Nolan would be helming the next installment of the James Bond franchise. However, according to the director himself, the rumor is more fiction than fact.

James Bond and Christopher Nolan are in interesting places, with both coming off the end of some of the most massive and successful projects in their catalog. With both the franchise and director expected to shake things up, it seems only natural they’d come together. When asked if he’s directing the next James Bond movie, Nolan simply said there was “no truth to those rumors,” but he is happy to get back to work now that the strike is over.

It’s certainly understandable as to why Christopher Nolan wouldn’t want to take up directing an installment of James Bond. It’s a franchise that requires years, and multiple films, of commitment by everyone involved. It also doesn’t make sense for the Bond team to approach Nolan, as they’re still in the very early drafting phases of reinventing the franchise. So while they’ll hopefully cross paths in the future, it seems this rumor is false, at least for the time being.

The full interview with Christopher Nolan by the Associated Press can be seen below:

The Future of James Bond

No Time To Die marked the end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond, with his incarnation of 007 meeting his demise. The shock ending brought the latest Bond era to a pretty definitive conclusion. Now the hunt is on for a new Bond as producers prepare to reimagine the franchise.

James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have yet to find Daniel Craig’s 007 successor the two recently teased that he would be a “thirty-something” year old actor. Craig carried the franchise for 15 years, so the next 007 actor is expected to play the character for multiple movies.

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