Cineplex To Begin Reopening Theatres At The End Of June

Canada's Cineplex Entertainment will reopen 6 theatres in Alberta on June 26 and hopes to have as many theatres open around the country by July 3.


Canada’s largest theatre chain Cineplex is will slowly be reopening theatres around the country near the end of June.

The threat of COVID-19 caused numerous facets of the entertainment industry to shutter their doors, including exhibitors like AMC in the United States and Cineplex in Canada. With the list of infected slowly decreasing in Canada and public health officials confident that business can reopen, Cineplex has announced that it will be opening up six theatres in the province of Alberta on June 26.

Cineplex also noted in their statement to The Hollywood Reporter that they’re hopeful to open more theatres around Canada by July 3, so long as public health officials allow.

“In all markets where Cineplex is permitted by government and health authorities, it plans to reopen as many of its locations as it can on July 3, 2020 (or as soon thereafter as permitted by law),”

As for how the Canadian theatre chain will address the public’s concerns over social distancing, Cineplex announced that all seats in their auditoriums will have to be reserved beforehand. The Toronto-based corporation also promised “end-to-end health and safety protocols” at their newly opening multiplexes. Concession stands will also be serving up audience favorites during the slow reopening.

While the staff are getting ready to cater to eager movie goers, Cineplex corporate staff are preparing to take U.K-based exhibitor Cineworld to court for pulling out of a $2.1 billion takeover deal. Cinexplex has reported that Cineworld failed to reveal the breach of merger agreements that cause them to leave the deal on the table.

“Cineworld’s decision to abandon the transaction was a scenario that Cineplex had considered and planned for. Cineplex has developed a robust contingency plan for operating its business and improving its financial position on a go forward basis as one of Canada’s leading entertainment media companies.”

Audiences have been cooped up at home for quite some time and with the fear of the virus decreasing around North America, many are itching to rush back to their local multiplex. Cineplex’s timeframe of reopening is similar to AMC’s, who is also set to have theatres up and running in time for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s Mulan. Hopefully Cineplex can prosper in a post-COVID-19 world, even without the help of Cineworld.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter