‘Avengers’: Colman Domingo Speaks On Kang The Conqueror Casting Rumors

The perfect recast?

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Could Colman Domingo be the next Kang the Conqueror? The actor recently broke his silence on the recent Marvel casting rumors for the next Avengers film.

Following Jonathan Majors’ firing from the role of Kang the Conqueror, Marvel fans have been wondering who the studio will get to recast the role. Topping many lists is The Walking Dead actor Colman Domingo, who many view as having the gravitas to play a truly intimidating Avengers villain. Yet with rumors continuing to flare, Domingo tempers the hype by saying his team working with Marvel is nothing new.

“I know what you’re going to ask. You’re going to talk about the MCU,” Domingo preempted in a recent Vanity Fair profile. “It’s funny how people are online talking about this. And the moment it started happening, literally, I think I was on my couch. And I was like, ‘What rumor? Who? Where’s this coming from?’ I just didn’t think about it. The next day I woke up, it’s everywhere.”

“You know, listen. My team has had conversations with Marvel about some aspect of the MCU for years. Do I know this to be true or not? I actually don’t know,” he continued. “I feel like my team doesn’t bring me something unless it’s real. So I don’t know. I could be in conversation, but I’m not sure. I would welcome a conversation around it.”

“Whatever they’re working out with Jonathan [Majors] and his legacy in the MCU, I feel like I just have to be in my own lane, whatever that is. There’s hearsay, there’s conversations, but I’m not even sure because I feel like nothing comes to me until something’s real. But I’d be down with it.”

Marvel Studios is certainly staring down the barrel when it comes to a Kang the Conqueror recast. It’s been nearly two months since Jonathan Majors has been removed from the role, and with the next Avengers film likely entering production in 2025, there’s no official word about who will replace him as the villain.

The Future of the Avengers Franchise

Avengers 5 is the first movie in a two-part finale to Marvel’s Multiverse Saga. It will be followed by Avengers: Secret Wars, rounding out Marvel Studios’ Phase 6.

Destin Daniel Cretton recently made the decision to step down from his role as the director of the upcoming Avengers 5. However, Destin Daniel Cretton’s departure is not an exit from the Marvel family but rather a realignment of his directorial commitments as he’s focused on Wonder Woman and Shang-Chi 2.

Secret Wars is a crossover event that will bring together characters from all across the Marvel multiverse, so Iron Man’s experience and leadership will be invaluable to the Avengers. Michael Waldron is set to write the upcoming Marvel Studios film Avengers: Secret Wars, but a director has yet to be announced.

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