Comparing ‘Suicide Squad’ To Animated Adventure ‘Assault On Arkham’

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has been out for just over a week now. The director himself referred to his film as DC’s very own Dirty Dozen, but one comparison many DC fans made was to the animated adventure Batman: Assault on Arkham. Set in the ‘Arkham-verse’ (the series of video games by Rocksteady and WB Montreal), Assault on Arkham was a Suicide Squad movie not so discreetly disguised as a Batman film. Centring on Task Force X (more commonly known as the Suicide Squad) and only using Batman as a secondary character, the animated movie received positive critical acclaim (unlike Ayer’s own Squad adventure).

When Suicide Squad was first officially announced, many people wondered whether Ayer’s movie would take any inspiration from the DCAU instalment. Now the movie’s been out for just over a week, I think it’s time to take a look at the two movies and see how many similarities (and differences) there are. So, hit next and let’s do this thing! Warning, spoilers ahead for both Suicide Squad and Assault on Arkham.


Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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