‘Constantine’ Producer Reveals Cancelled Plans For DC Character Appearances


Mark Verheiden, who produced the short-lived Constantine TV series, recently opened up about which characters could have had prominent roles in the future of the series had it made it beyond its initial 13-episode run.

The 2014 Constantine television series came at a time where fans were going gaga for The Flash and Arrow already had multiple successful seasons on the air. Though Constantine has garnered a cult fan base over time, thanks to the great performance by Matt Ryan in the lead role, it never made it past its first season. Fans have begged for a second season, which hasn’t happened, but Ryan has had many appearances as the character since then.

Matt Ryan voiced John Constantine in the animated film Justice League Dark, he’s now a prominent character on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, and he’s set to voice the character in a new animated series titled Constantine: City of Demons which is set for release in just a few weeks.

Constantine isn’t the only interesting character from the Hellblazer books, as well as the larger DC universe. Producer Mark Verheiden helped bring the character to the small screen in 2014 and while recently speaking with Discussing Film, he opened up about which characters could have had larger roles in the series if it had been given another season.

“I believe we had already set up The Spectre in the series, so we definitely had plans to go forward and introduce more DC Universe characters from the dark world, but trying to remember exactly who now.”

Though fans surely would have loved to see The Spectre on the small screen, Verheiden briefly mentioned about even more characters who could have had larger roles in the series.

“Obviously, we had Papa Midnight, we had the Spectre. We had characters from the Constantine series that we brought in…I can’t remember specifically off the top of my head now if we had any specifics plans on any specific large-scale DC Dark type characters, I do know we had more plans for the Spectre.”

Verheiden the elaborated on how the series would have incorporated in DC characters that felt natural to the world of the show.

“So I think the short answer to that is I’m not, I don’t wholly remember or I’m not sure, we may not have gone on long enough to have planned all that out, but I think if we had gone forward we would have tried to reach into the DC toolbox and pull out what seemed appropriate to that world.”

Although the future of Matt Ryan’s Constantine is always shifting, the actor seems happy to portray the character whether it’s in costume or in the recording booth. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all news regarding Matt Ryan’s Constantine as more information becomes available. Are you a fan of Ryan as Constantine? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Discussing Film