Daisy Ridley Finds ‘Divisive’ Nature Of Her Star Wars Sequel Trilogy ‘Upsetting’

A sad turn of events!

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It seems Star Wars fans aren’t the only ones unhappy with how the sequel trilogy turned out. Daisy Ridley recently explained how she found the divisive nature of her films “upsetting.”

Way back in 2015, Star Wars fans thought they had a new hope in the sequel trilogy thanks to The Force Awakens. However, the films quickly took a nosedive with The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, with many considering them the worst Star Wars films ever made. Daisy Ridley says the reaction to the sequel trilogy was upsetting, but it doesn’t change how she views her work in the series.

“Was I surprised? I think it’s still upsetting because you don’t want people to feel like you’ve not served the thing that they’re a fan of,” Ridley explained on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “Rian’s one was so divisive. It really felt like the first one…everyone was responsive in a similar way. And then Rian’s one was super divisive and the last one was super divisive. It didn’t change how I felt about it.”

“Before I had breakfast with Kathy last year…I had five people come up to me and go, ‘Are they going to do any more with you?’ It was really strange,” She continued. “In the six months before that, the way in which I’d been greeted by people’s responses was quite different to the way I had been. I think time had passed and it didn’t feel so immediate.”

It seems as though every Star Wars trilogy has its turn to be the worst ever made. The prequels went through a very similar path prior to the current sequel slate, though have now become some of the most beloved projects in the franchise. It’s possible, just as animated projects helped revive the prequels, Daisy Ridley’s upcoming Rey film will help revive fan perceptions of the latest trilogy.

The future of Star Wars looks brighter than ever

During Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm made some exciting announcements for the future of the franchise. At the event, Kathleen Kennedy announced that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Dave Filoni and James Mangold are all set to direct their own Star Wars movies. Details about the projects are still scarce, but each one is set during a different time period in the galaxy far, far away.

The announcement of these three new Star Wars movies marks an exciting time for fans of the franchise. With each movie being directed by a different filmmaker, there is sure to be a unique perspective and style brought to each project.

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