‘Madame Web’ Promo Photos Reveal Never-Before-Seen Look At Dakota Johnson’s Costume

Is the costume actually good?

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Did Madame Web really have good costumes? Newly release promo photos from the film give fans their first true look at Dakota Johnson’s superhero costume.

Madame Web had a lot of problems. In fact, it’s hard to find a part of the movie that wasn’t a problem. However, the one thing fans can give the film is that the superhero suits weren’t bad, especially for the headlining Spider-Women, who had some rather extensive scenes in their garb.

The same can’t be said for Dakota Johnson. Despite being the lead of Madame Web, she only got a costume at the end of the film. Even then, the suit was obscured by hazy effects, and shoved to the back of a shot once again focusing on the supporting Spider-Women. This left fans wondering if her costume was nearly as good as the others in the film.

A Clear Look At Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web

For the three people still invested in Madame Web, their prayers have finally been answered. A new set of photos have found their way online showing off Dakota Johnson’s super suit. Given the poses and blank backgrounds, these were likely meant to be composited in supporting promo material. But that doesn’t mean the suits flaws can be overlooked.

While Marvel fans tend to make fun of the studios’ overly complicated costume designs, Dakota Johnson’s suit seems to have the opposite problem. Her Madame Web suit seems flat and oddly baggy. The suit would likely look better in action, of course. However, these promo photos show that fans likely weren’t missing much in that ending scene.

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