Daniel Radcliffe Debunks Rumor He’s Being Eyed For Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’

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Daniel Radcliffe debunked the rumors claiming he is being eyed for the titular role of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.

Last summer, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced a Moon Knight television series being developed for Disney Plus. Since then, there have no official details on which actors might be up for the role of Moon Knight, although Harry Potter alumn Daniel Radcliffe had been rumored to be in contention.

However, Daniel Radcliffe himself confirmed the rumor of him being eyed for the role Moon Knight is “untrue” during an interview with ComingSoon.net. Nonetheless, Daniel Radcliffe expressed a willingness to return to a big Hollywood franchise provided the material met his high bar:

“If I was ever to go back into a franchise, I think the bar for that script would be even higher than anything else. Before you can sign on to being in anything for multiple years, you have to be sure you’re really going to love it all the time. I’m not averse to doing any kind of franchise thing in the future again, that could be fun. But the Moon Knight rumors are untrue, I can officially debunk that one, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

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In the comics, Moon Knight is the alter-ego of Marc Spector, a Jewish-American rabbi’s son who grew up to become a heavyweight boxer and a U.S. Marine. Afterward, Spector became a mercenary who occasionally worked for the CIA. However, after being left for dead by a former colleague during one of his last missions, Spector was eventually resurrected as ana avatar for conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.  Upon returning to America, Spector decided to become a crimefighter and adopts the Moon Knight title.

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Source: ComingSoon.net

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