Superman Star David Corenswet Reveals His Incredible Physical Transformation In New Photo

David Corenswet gets RIPPED!

David Corenswet Superman Man of Steel Physique Body DC Universe Reboot Suit

The Man of Steel is pumping iron! David Corenswet shows off his Superman physique ahead of his debut in the DC Universe.

The internet was recently set on fire by the unveiling of the official Superman suit for the new DC Universe reboot. However, it seems what’s hiding underneath the cape might be even more impressive. Following the reveal, David Corenswet’s personal trailer Paolo Mascitti shared a photo of the actor’s physique as he continues shooting on his DC Universe debut.

David Corenswet is looking absolutely massive. The photo also doesn’t show that the actor is 6’6, making him perhaps the biggest actor to ever play Superman on the silver screen. His suit for the new DC Universe certainly didn’t do his muscles justice. However, with guns like those, Superman fans should be more than confident in his ability to carry the DCU reboot all on his own!

How David Corenswet Got Swole For ‘Superman’

Putting on that much muscle isn’t easy. Even while David Corenswet is busy on set filming the upcoming Superman reboot, he can’t skimp out on the training. According to Paolo Mascitti, the actor has gained 40 pounds of muscle for the DC Universe reboot, and continues to work out at least two hours a day when even shooting.

“This is a James Gunn film, and he has a specific vision of the entire project,” Mascitti told GQ. “David had been working out intensively before I met him, but he’s naturally a very lean guy. He’s 6’6” but we wanted to put more bulk on him. He probably went from 200lbs to 240lbs, but some of that mass will be shed as he continues to tone up.”

“He’s very busy right now so we’re only fitting in three or four sessions a week, but he’s still working out for two hours a day,” He continued. “We focus on moments like presses, pull ups, pull downs, rows – all the big ones. We switched a little bit after a while, but kept the focus on progressive overload to encourage muscle growth, keeping track of reps and weight and trying to advance each week.”

A lot of people imagine that actors in the MCU and DC Universe are able to put on muscle overnight thanks to their personal trainers. However, it’s clear from these photos that David Corenswet is putting a massive amount of effort to play Superman in the upcoming reboot. Even above all the muscle, it’s that dedication to a goal that makes him the perfect Man of Steel.

Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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