‘Deadpool 3’ Director Responds To Taylor Swift Cameo Rumors

Will Taylor Swift make her MCU debut soon?

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Will Taylor swift make a cameo in Deadpool 3? Director Shawn Levy speaks out on the rumors!

For months rumors have been circulating that Taylor Swift would be making an appearance in Deadpool 3, being perhaps the most insane cameo rumor in a long list of insane cameo rumors. When the film’s director was asked on the possibility, Shawn Levy insisted he couldn’t answer.

“I can’t even believe that you would dare ask me a question that you know I can’t answer.” Levy joked with Entertainment Tonight during a recent appearance at CinemaCon. “You know I can’t answer. All of America knows I can’t answer that.”

“I will say as I said earlier here at CinemaCon. The proliferation of rumors about who is and isn’t in this movie is fabulous. Because no one will ever know the truth until July 26th.”

While Shawny levy is right that nothing can be known for sure until Deadpool 3 comes out, the director seems to be ignoring the numerous rumors that have already been confirmed about the movie, such as Cassandra Nova being the main villain. Though perhaps those rumors being right is exactly why he doesn’t wish to spoil Taylor Swift’s potential cameo!

Who Will Taylor Swift Play In Deadpool 3?

Even though Taylor Swift’s cameo in Deadpool 3 hasn’t been confirmed, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been speculation about who she could play. Perhaps the most prevalent idea is that Swift will appear as Lady Deadpool in the film, a casting idea that had its genesis when the pop star wore one of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool costumes for Halloween.

Another wide-spread rumor is that Taylor Swift will play Dazzler, a mutant popstar and iconic member of the X-Men. Yet the truth may be stranger than fiction. A rumor from late last year suggests she will be playing a popstar, just not Dazzler. Instead, Swift will cameo as herself in Deadpool 3! While slightly disappointing for some fans, the box office of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour shows that Swift may be all the studio needs to make their money back!

Deadpool and Wolverine is currently expected to be released on July 26, 2024. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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