Discover The Deadliest Member Of ‘Suicide Squad’

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In a rough-and-tough gang of bad guys (and gals), only one can be the deadliest. When it comes to Suicide Squad, that role belongs to Tatsu Yamashiro, a.k.a. Katana, an expert martial artist and swordswoman played by Karen Fukuhara, a newcomer making her first acting appearance ever in the upcoming blockbuster.

Like many superheroes before her, Katana comes with a tragic past. A widow from an early age, she can only communicate with her dead husband through the Soultaker, a mystical sword that traps the souls of its victims. Talk about cutting deep. Although a character like this one might be hard to sympathize with under the wrong circumstances, Fukuhara helps brings the humanity to the quite lethal assassin. When discussing the character on set, went a little in-depth into her cutting personality.

Here’s what she had to say about her deadly vigilante:

I think she is the deadliest. Yeah. She is the deadliest. Yeah… Fact. I could fight it with you. Her character, she’s not into fighting for herself. That’s the giri-ninjo part; it’s for someone else. When someone doesn’t care about her own well being, to kill someone else, and to protect someone, that makes her the scariest one, because she doesn’t … Try fighting someone that doesn’t care about what the outcome is for them. You’re going against someone that is going to give it their all, no matter how many times you shoot at them, and that’s why she’s so badass and awesome.

Another key factor to Katana comes from her inclusion into the Suicide Squad. Most of the members were forced into the position after getting locked up and sent into battle through the government. Katana, however, volunteered for the position. She’s not a villain. Rather, she’s “the protector of Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman),” according to Fukuhara herself. She would “like to think she’s still one of the only characters that’s so-called good or heroic.” And, of course, while she’s a “lone wolf” in the beginning, by the end “she finds her family and that’s her story and her journey to overcome trust issues as well, in becoming a part of the team and a squad, per se.”

To see Fukuhara slice and dice her way onto the big screen, make a point to see Suicide Squad on August 5. Although, let’s be real here, who is missing it at this point?


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