Disney Plus Offer Sneak Peek Into New Marvel 616 Series

The new docuseries will give fans a better insight into a wide range of topics in the world of Marvel Comics.

Marvel 616 Disney Plus

Disney Plus recently revealed a sneak peek at their new series, Marvel’s 616, which will explore the legacy of the comics.

Marvel has never been more popular thanks to the hugely popular movies as well as the incredible comics the publisher continues to produce. A new docuseries looking at individual creators and the legacy they create in the comics is headed to Disney Plus later this year, Marvel’s 616. The first clip comes from the Higher, Further, Faster episode directed by Gillian Jacobs. It looks at the women writing the most iconic heroes and how they strived for diversity and representation, particularly with Carol Danvers.

Meanwhile the fourth episode of the series, Lost and Found will see Paul Scheer exploring the characters who’ve been forgotten by mainstream audiences over the years. The clip starts off by exploring Reginald Hudlin’s work on Black Panther which ultimately led to a resurgence for the Wakandan King before he was given his own big-screen outing directed by Ryan Coogler. Gillian Jacobs and Paul Scheer will both be a part of a panel at Comic-Con at Home on Thursday July 23, which will offer an insight into how they and other filmmakers produced the series as well as previewing what’s ahead. Take a look at the clips below.

Are you interested to get a peek behind the curtain in the new docuseries? What do you think of the short clips released by Disney Plus? Sound-off in the comments below!

Here’s the synopsis for Marvel’s 616:

Marvel’s 616 explores how Marvel’s rich legacy of stories, characters and creators exist within the world outside your window. Each documentary, helmed by a unique filmmaker, explores the intersections of storytelling, pop culture, and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Films in this anthology series will cover topics including Marvel’s world-spanning artists, the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics, discovering the “forgotten” characters of Marvel, and much more.

Marvel’s 616 arrives on Disney Plus later this year. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest news surrounding Disney Plus!

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