‘Echo’: Alaqua Cox Reveals Hopes To Face Off Against Infamous Spider-Man Villain

Alaqua Cox's dream crossover!


Could Echo be gearing up to meet Spider-Man? Alaqua Cox reveals her hopes to face off with an infamous villain in the future of the MCU.

Echo was a surprising hit for the MCU, with Alaqua Cox bringing a truly grounded story to the universe. Despite this, the series has yet to be renewed for a season 2. When speaking about the character’s potential future, Cox revealed her desire to face off against another Spider-Man villain after taking down Kingpin.

“[I’d like more of] Maya’s family.” Cox told Screen Rant in a recent interview. “I wouldn’t mind if they went to New York City and all got revenge on those people that have hurt them and also used the powers of their ancestors that they have. I think that’d be cool storyline. And the Green Goblin. That would be pretty cool. I think I’d like to face the Green Goblin.”

Given the MCU seems to be taking Spider-Man in an entirely new direction from previous incarnations, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a villain or two appear in different franchises. Putting Alaqua Cox against Green Goblin would be an interesting premise, especially as Echo has such a shallow pool of villains to fight against in future seasons.

Alaqua Cox Has Avengers Level Aspirations

Alaqua Cox’s crossover hopes don’t just stop at Spider-Man. The Echo star is eager to work as much as they can in the MCU. During the same interview, Cox spoke on how she’d be interested in seeing Maya Lopez interact with the Avengers. Though she admits there, currently, aren’t any plans of it happening.

“I would hope that she’s able to cross paths with other superheroes as well, for example, the Avengers. That would be a dream come true if she was able to meet any of the Avengers or even if she was in Daredevil [Born Again]. We just don’t know. I’d like to see any of those possibilities.”

Interestingly, Alaqua Cox seems to confirm that Echo won’t be in Daredevil: Born Again. It isn’t clear if this was a result of the recent creative reboot of the project, or if she was never meant to appear in the first place. Though given the Kingpin connection, it’s likely she’ll be meeting plenty of people on her wishlist in the next Spider-Man project.

Echo is now streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus.  Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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