Eddie Murphy On If He’d Ever Be In A Superhero Movie

Eddie Murphy Superhero

Playing a superhero must be really fun. Getting to put on a cape and pretend to save the day gets a certan feeling out of us, one that harks back to our childhood, when we would always pretend to be Superman and save Lois Lane. It’s no wonder so many big Hollywood actors are happy to get into the superhero movie business. Actors like Ben Affleck and Chris Pratt love being Batman and Star-Lord respectively, and more celebrities these days would love to join in on the heroic fun!

Of course, not everyone is cut out to be a superhero. Eddie Murphy, one of the biggest known actors of the 80’s and 90’s, is back in the movie business with this year’s Mr. Church. While promoting the film, Murphy was asked the question that many actors are asked these days, “would you be in a superhero movie?”. His response was that it may be too late for him to don a cape.

“I’m kind of long in the tooth to fly in in a cape now, so I’d have to be like the voice of reason or somebody. ‘Don’t do that, super-fellow! Or we need such-and-such.’ I would do a superhero movie if it was funny and we were making fun of superhero movies and I figured out how to do something funny. But even I don’t buy me flying in with a cape on and you know, f–king everybody up, having lasers shoot out. See this? Doesn’t this look like bullsh-t? What would you call this? Who would I be?”

What do you think? Could Eddie Murphy be a superhero? If so, what hero could you see him as? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Mashable

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