Elizabeth Banks Says ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘Captain Marvel’ Were Hits Because They’re Part Of A ‘Male Genre’

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Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks partly attributed the success of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel to being part of what she called a “male genre.”

Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie Angel’s, a continuation of the television show and two-film series of the same name, received generally solid reviews from critics but failed to draw audiences over its opening weekend. With a domestic opening weekend gross of  $8.6 million, Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels fell below even it’s already-disappointing $10 million tracking numbers.

During an interview with the Herald Sun conducted before Charlie’s Angels debuted in theaters, Elizabeth Banks stated that she believes the film had to be a financial success or else it would reinforce the stereotype that men don’t go see action films with women as leads. While many would point to the success of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman as proof that men will see an action movie with women in lead roles, Elizabeth Banks said that she believes male audiences will see comic book films with female primary protagonists because they are still tied to what she called a “male genre”:

“They’ll go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that’s a male genre. So even though those are movies about women, they put them in the context of feeding the larger comic book world, so it’s all about, yes, you’re watching a Wonder Woman movie but we’re setting up three other characters or we’re setting up ‘Justice League.'”

While Elizabeth Banks said that she’s happy for Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel‘s box office success, the Charlie’s Angels writer and director added, “but we need more women’s voices supported with money because that’s the power. The power is in the money.”

Do you think Elizabeth Banks has a point about Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman? Why do you think Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels didn’t do well at the box office? Let us know your thoughts on Elizabeth Banks’ Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman comments below!

Brie Larson will reprise her role as Carol Danvers in Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel sequel. Full details on the film are currently unknown, though the recently unveiled Phase 4 line-up did not include Captain Marvel 2, indicating the Brie Larson film is part of the Phase 5 slate.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. and DC’s Wonder Woman sequel is set to hit theaters on June 4, 2020. Directed by Patty Jenkins from a script she co-wrote with David Callaham and a treatment she developed with Geoff Johns, Wonder Woman 1984 stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wigg, Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Connie Nielson, and Robin Wright.

Source: Herald Sun

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