‘Gotham’: Erin Richards Discusses Barbara Kean’s Season Three Changes

gotham barbara kean

gotham barbara kean

Barbara Kean from the Gotham pilot and Barbara Kean from the end of show’s second season are two totally different characters. To say Barabra has seen changes for her character is an understatement, as she went from a jealous (yet harmless), slightly annoying love interest, to a murderous, slightly annoying psychopath who killed her own parents.

It has already been confirmed that season three is going to feature big changes for a lot of Gotham‘s main characters, including Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and even more change for Barbara Kean. The season will premier after a time jump, and will start off with Gordon chasing monsters, Fish Mooney attempting to take over the underworld again (this time with new metahuman abilities), and a new club named Gotham Sirens opened by Barbara and Theo Galavan’s sister, Tabitha. Prior to this season, Barbara’s evil actions didn’t always seem to be fully under her conscious control, but moving into season three she will apparently be owning her character and all of her actions. Actress Erin Richards discussed what this meant with ComicBook.com:

“Barbara has more ownership of what she’s doing in Season 3. Because of the club that we have, we’re much more integral to the running of Gotham City and its sort of underworld. So she’s kind of owning her space a bit more, which is fantastic.”

The club she is referring to is Gotham Sirens, named after the Gotham City Sirens print series starring Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. The original line up probably won’t remain in tact, due to Selina’s younger age, Ivy’s age transformation, and the fact we don’t have a Harley Quinn on the show (yet), but Richards is still excited for Barbara as the Sirens set gives her character a new home base.

“It was brilliant. I feel like Barbara had her apartment in the first series, but we kind of figured it wasn’t actually hers, it was probably handed down from her parents; it never really felt like home. Now we have this incredible club that we have made ourselves. It’s so fantastic. The set is incredible.”

Richards finished up by talking about her relationship with the show’s second Siren, Tabitha. Throughout season two they have had a hot-and-cold relationship, and that will carry over into a power struggle in season three. The two characters apparently do have a respect for each other, but they both also want to maintain power.

“It’s a sort of mutual respect, and also sort of a slight battle for who is in power. I think if you ask Barbara, she’d say she’s the head of the Sirens, but if you ask Tabitha the same thing, she’d say the same. So it’s good, this playful rivalry.”

Only time will tell if the rivalry will remain “playful”, as nothing in Gotham seems to remain innocent for very long.

Are you excited to see Barbara Kean evolve as a character over the course of season three? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

Gotham‘s third season premiers on September 19, 2016 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: ComicBook.com

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