Michael Jai White Responds To Green Lantern John Stewart Fancast (EXCLUSIVE)

Is it the perfect casting?

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Fans have been calling for Michael Jai White to portray John Stewart since before James Gunn and Peter Safran announced their new DC Universe. During a recent press tour for his upcoming film Outlaw Johnny Black, the actor finally spoke on portraying the iconic Green Lantern.

Michael Jai White has been no stranger to playing comic characters. While perhaps best known for portraying the first black superhero in a major motion picture in Spawn, he has also played Ben Turner a.k.a. Bronze Tiger on Arrow, and even voiced the Green Lantern John Stewart in the video game Justice League Heroes. When asked if he’d be interested in taking up another superhero role in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe, White revealed he’s always enjoyed playing that type of role:

“No, I enjoy it. And my fanbase enjoys that stuff too,” he told Heroic Hollywood “I just recently played Blade in the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. I got a chance to actually walk in Blade’s shoes for that game. I’m kind of amassing quite a few comic characters. It’s interesting. But I don’t mind it. I feel comfortable in that space.”

There are certainly dozens of characters fans would want to see Michael Jai White play. Many still call for him to reprise his role as Spawn in the upcoming reboot. However, above all, fans seem to want the actor to play the Green Lantern John Stewart in the new DC Universe. According to the actor, he’s heard the calls, and he’d be more than open to portray the character if it’s what fans wish:

“What my fanbase seems to always come around to is this John Stewart character,” the actor continued. “And, you know, I mean, if they deem it like it’s something that they want, I would be very open to that. That I believe is the Green Lantern.”

Fans have certainly been wanting Michael Jai White to join the DC Universe for years, with many speculating he would take up the role of John Stewart after sharing an image of himself as the Green Lantern on his Instagram. While it’s almost certain James Gunn and Peter Safran haven’t cast the role yet, that only gives fans more time to show their support for his casting.

The Mind Behind Outlaw Johnny Black

Outlaw Johnny Black is a brand new western written and directed by Michael Jai White, star of the hit action comedy Black Dynamite and the supernatural superhero flick Spawn. The film stars White as the titular outlaw Johnny Black alongside Byron Minns as Reverend Percival Fairman, Anika Noni Rose, Erica Ash, Kym Whitley, and Tony Baker.

The full synopsis for the film can be read below:

“Hellbent on avenging the death of his father, Johnny Black vows to gun down Brett Clayton and becomes a wanted man in the process. He goes into hiding, posing as a preacher in a small mining town that’s been taken over by a notorious Land Baron.”

Outlaw Johnny Black is set to release exclusively in theaters on September 15, 2023.

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