Why Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ Needs To Be A Proper Solo Movie

Warner Bros. might want to slow it down.

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Ezra Miller The Flash Batman v Superman Justice League Andy Muschietti Fantastic Beasts Zack Snyder Kiersey Clemons Flashpoint Justice LeagueIt appears Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie is finally moving forward, with It helmer Andy Muschietti in the director’s chair and Michael Keaton possibly returning as Batman. The Flash is not only significant because it will likely feature the return of a former Batman, but it is also the first-ever solo film for the Scarlet Speedster, which is why it should actually be one instead of a massive DC crossover.

The Flash movie predates Ezra Miller and has been in development for years now. Fans speculated that the Scarlet Speedster would get his own movie if the Ryan Reynolds-led Green Lantern was successful, but Barry Allen got the small screen treatment instead. While we’ve gotten a successful series on The CW with Grant Gustin as The Flash, Ezra Miller brought the movie version of the iconic DC Comics hero to life in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which set up his prominent role in Justice League.

After appearing in three DC Extended Universe films, Ezra Miller was supposed to get his own movie focusing on The Flash. However, Miller’s first cinematic solo outing as the character has faced several issues, with many directors exiting the project. The closest the project ever looked like a reality was when Rick Famuyiwa was supposed to direct it with Ray Fisher returning as Cyborg opposite Miller’s The Flash.

Warner Bros. has been invested in Flashpoint for quite some time now, as the studio revealed Ezra Miller’s The Flash would be influenced by the classic comic book storyline at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. We are now in 2020 and The Flash movie is still trying to get off the ground, but a major development has pushed the film one step closer to filming. Even though things have changed since 2017, Andy Muschietti has teased that his take on The Flash would also adapt Flashpoint to some degree. However, instead of having Thomas Wayne as the Batman of the story, we are getting Michael Keaton back as Bruce Wayne.

The return of Michael Keaton’s Batman was the perfect piece of news to get fans hopeful about the upcoming project, but it could be a mistake by Warner Bros and DC. In recent years, we’ve seen the increasing trend of a shared superhero universe expanding into the multiverse with the Arrowverse and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Disney and Marvel Studios are even planning on doing their own spin on the multiverse as well with the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.

It makes sense that The Flash will be the movie that introduces DC Extended Universe fans to the idea of the multiverse, but this is happening too soon. Admittedly, Michael Keaton returning as Batman gets me more excited for The Flash than I’ve ever been before. However, Keaton’s return runs the risk of overshadowing Ezra Miller’s The Flash in his own movie. There hasn’t been a character who has gotten more interpretations on the big screen than Batman and there are going to be many more in the future. Batman appearing in The Flash will undoubtedly get people in the seats and is a smart movie by the studio, but it’s time for Barry Allen to shine.

Warner Bros. and DC have had the most success with solo films like Man of Steel, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Joker. While the upcoming film will probably be called The Flash, it is going to feature Batman and plenty other DC heroes because it is taking the crossover approach. Not even The CW series explored the multiverse right away.

Jumping into Flashpoint feels like Batman v Superman all over again, and I am a defender of that movie. Instead, we should be getting a true solo movie centered on The Flash taking down his own villains. One of the strengths of The Flash is that he has his own great Rogue’s Gallery and supporting characters. These are the elements that The Flash movie should be exploring in the first movie, not introducing the idea of the multiverse full of other heroes and bringing back Michael Keaton as Batman.

The Flash is a beloved character who deserves to get the spotlight in his own movie with cutting-edge special effects, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Let’s get to know Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen some more and see his role in Central City before we start to get into the multiverse. Flashpoint is a storyline Warner Bros. should take the character down the line, not now.

The current version of this Flash movie certainly sounds ambitious and I’m curious to see how it all unfolds if it does start filming in Q1 2021. However, I do think Warner Bros. needs to take a step back and learn from what they have done in the past. Keaton’s inclusion into the DC Extended Universe definitely makes for an intriguing plot point. This move feels like Warner Bros. and DC trying to catch up with Marvel Studios once again when they should be focusing on putting out good movies.

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