Gal Gadot Confirms Lynda Carter’s Return As Asteria For ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Asteria debuted in Wonder Woman 194.

Lynda Carter Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot has confirmed that Lynda Carter will return as Asteria for the upcoming Wonder Woman threequel.

One of the biggest reveals in Wonder Woman 1984 was that Lynda Carter was in the film. Carter appeared as Wonder Woman for the live-action television series of the same name, which dominated airwaves in the mid to late 70s. In 1984, Carter appeared as Asteria, the greatest Amazonian warrior of all time, who turns out to be living among humans.

Asteria’s role in the film was brief, but it was implied that the warrior was aware of Diana Prince’s heritage and that the two would meet in an upcoming sequel. Gal Gadot has since revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that the OG Wonder Woman will, in fact, be returning for the upcoming threequel.

“First of all, Lynda has mentored me from the very first moment that I got cast as Wonder Woman. She was always there, talking to me, giving me tips and everything. She’s a true champion of what Patty [Jenkins] and I have been doing, and it was so great that we managed to find the right opportunity to bring her to the last movie and now to the third one. It’s even better this time. I love her very much. I love her dearly.”

Details on the extent of Lynda Carter’s involvement in the 1984 sequel are slim, though we do know that director Patty Jenkins is currently working on the film’s script. Here’s hoping that Asteria’s role in the threequel is more than just a brief cameo and that the two Wonder Womans actually share the screen together. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman sequel is currently being fast-tracked at DC, though no release date has been specified.

Here is the synopsis for Wonder Woman 1984:

Patty Jenkins returns to direct the next chapter in the story, which finds Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) living and working among mortals, remaining selfless in a vibrant era of excess and “having it all.” But her own values are challenged as she reunites with a lost love while stepping into the spotlight to help humanity escape a dangerous world of its own making. Also starring Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

Directed by Patty Jenkins from a script she co-wrote with David Callaham and a treatment she developed with Geoff Johns, the film stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Connie Nielson, and Robin Wright.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter