Geoff Johns “Proud” Of ‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman

Yesterday, Umberto Gonzalez wrote an article on The Wrap about the current state of Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe in response to that much publicized open letter to WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara. Gonzalez expressed how fans should not worry about the future of DC Films after the reception to both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. With Wonder Woman currently undergoing post-production, and Justice League filming as we speak, the studio seems to have a firm grasp at steering the ship into the right direction. One of the most critical components to this course correction is Geoff Johns, who is now the president of DC Entertainment.

Johns, who also serves as the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics recently took to Twitter, singing the praises of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Not gonna lie, this put a big smile on my face.

The Pajiba article left many readers curious after the anonymous writer made a claim that Wonder Woman is a mess, to which Jenkins publicly dismissed. I have faith that with his position in power, Geoff Johns along with producer Jon Berg will help bring the DC Extended Universe to the glory these characters both deserve and need. I cannot wait to see what our filmmakers such as Patty Jenkins are bringing to the table. Just remember, Johns expressed how he plans to bring hope and optimism to this universe. Let’s have those two values reflect on our excitement as well.

Source: Geoff Johns via Twitter


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  • I know WW was filmed after John’s signed on to the role but honestly a lot of the issues that stemmed from MOS, BVS and SS were the smaller character moments which are much easier to fix in post production than the giant action scenes.

    Had MOS made a few minor changes to some of the character moments – maybe instead of trashing the bully’s rig at the diner – used a different scene that instead has Clark interacting w a suicidal waitress contemplating jumping off a bridge where Clark can show how “super” he is by just speaking to her about hope and finding their place in the world by never giving up. And end the scene w the waitress accidentally slipping off the railing and Clark leaps out to rescue her (and when the camera zooms out it shows him floating a foot off the bridge w one arm holding her and the other a foot away from the railing as he floats for a second in disbelief before leaning forward to grab the railing and bringing her in to safety).

    These type of things I could see John’s bringing to the table and reinforcing who these characters are that most audience members remember.

    • xxjinzaxx

      I know what you mean, but no.

      • SAMURAI36


    • rogbngp

      Imo MoS would have benefited by having more character ~development~ moments, i.e., more material that hints at what is going on inside him internally. But even as it stands MoS is a great film simply by virtue of reinventing the Superman myth for our contemporary real world. The battle scenes finally show us what Superman’s powers would look like if he really existed; they graphically illustrate the risks and responsibilities that accompany such an incredible level of power in the hands of a single person.

  • rogbngp

    How can anyone take an ‘open letter’ like that seriously given its apparent agenda?

  • Hinscher

    I can only hope Wonder Woman is a mess like MoS and BvS (ultimate) because if so, then it will be in my top 5 favorite movies.