‘Glass’: M. Night Shyamalan On Potential Sequel Plans

Glass M Night Shyamalan

The long-awaited sequel to the M Night Shyamalan thriller Unbreakable is coming in the form of Glass, which will also incorporate Shyamalan’s Split into the narrative. The film will be released 19 years after Unbreakable and will follow-up with characters from both of those films for an exciting exploration into superheroes through a different context.

Glass looks like the final chapter in this trilogy from Shyamalan and although the superhero genre is in a renaissance right now, don’t expect to see Shyamalan create a fourth chapter in this series:

“I don’t want to relive stuff and I don’t want to be an opportunist, that’s not the relationship that I have with the audience, that I aspire to. My aspiration is they know they’re going to get an original thriller every single time. That’s where my tastes go, so I’m going to say no [to another movie] right now.”

Shyamalan is currently enjoying a career resurgence thanks to his last two films The Visit and Split taking him back to his smaller-budget roots after a streak of big-budget films that were panned by critics and audiences alike that include The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth. It is nice to see Shyamalan return to one of his most-beloved films and finally bring a sequel that fans have been clamoring for nearly 20 years to see.

Here is the synopsis for Glass:

From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast.

Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.

Written and directed by M Night Shyamalan, Glass stars James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard.

Glass will be released in theaters on January 18, 2019.

Source: Digital Spy

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