‘Gotham’ EP Defines Why Poison Ivy Aged Up


With the third Season of ‘Gotham‘ premiering mere hours ago, the show’s EP explains in depth as to why they aged Poison Ivy up.

Whilst fans only saw the teenage version of the character very briefly scattered across the first two seasons – she’s set to take the stage as Maggie Geha takes on the role. Ken Woodruff went on to explain the character arc that she’ll take on, giving us an insight into her new personality.

“We made the change for two reasons: The character Ivy in the comics, one of her greatest powers is the power of seduction. Everyone was much more comfortable with that with an older actress as opposed to a teenager. We want to explore that classic, canonical power of Ivy. And we didn’t just make her older with that attack. When she’s changed and transformed, there’s a real character change as well. She’ll still have some of the same traits, but she’ll be much darker, more manipulative than the Ivy we’ve seen so far. There’s a more evil quality to her as well. It’s more than just physical.”

Geha herself had her say on her interpretation of the seductive villain, citing her portrayal as somewhat of a rebirth for Ivy.

“Ivy has been reborn, and she is completely different, on the inside as well as out. Ivy’s main passion in life is plants and nature. She doesn’t have any real regard for people. She still has a little bit of the Little Ivy in her; she’s not completely-completely changed. I think that Little Ivy is sort of relishing in the physical transformation and realizing all the power that she now has and what she can do to people and how she can manipulate people. She’s definitely transforming into a darker version of herself. Ivy perceives that Selina betrayed her and didn’t protect her. Ivy blames Selina, even though she does see her transformation as a good thing.”

This will certainly strike a chord with comic-book fans, as she perfectly describes the legendary character from DC Comics. No doubt we’ll see her embrace the darker side of her personality across the third season.

‘Gotham’ continues next Monday with ‘Burn The Witch‘ at 8/7c on FOX

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & TV Guide

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