Grant Gustin Opens Up About James Gunn Conversations & His Legacy As ‘The Flash’

Is Grant Gustin only known as The Flash?

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Will Grant Gustin always be known as The Flash? The actor speaks on his legacy as the character and his conversation with DC Studios co-chair James Gunn.

Many actors fear being only known for one role. Success is hard to come by in Hollywood, and often times actors will become known for their one big hit. This happened to many people who played heroes across Marvel and DC. When asked if this thought ever crossed his mind when auditioning as The Flash, Grant Gustin admitted he never even thought he’d get the part.

“It never crossed my mind,” Gustin explained in a recent interview with Men’s Health. “I mean, I was 23 when I auditioned for that show and thought I had no chance of getting it. I didn’t even want to go to the audition. I was like, ‘This is a waste of my time and their time.’ In the breakdown it said he was late twenties to early thirties.”

“He’s big and buff and blonde in the comics,” He continued. “I was just like, ‘Why are they even seeing me?’ I had imposter syndrome about even going to that audition. The idea of ‘Do I want this?’ never even crossed my mind. That was similar to now doing Water for Elephants—beyond a dream come true. Getting to play a superhero someday wasn’t even something I could have dreamed.”

It’s good to hear that Grant Gustin respects his time as The Flash. Though given his roles in Glee and, now, Water for Elephants, it seems he’s far from being known solely as the star of a DC series. Though given his recent conversations with James Gunn, it’s possible he may be defined by his role in DC films.

Grant Gustin Reveals His Convos With James Gunn

Fans were ecstatic when it came out that Grant Gustin slid into James Gunn’s DMs, so to speak. Many thought that this was Gustin’s big shot to play The Flash on the silver screen. However, the actual contents of their conversation weren’t as bombastic as many thought. The actor revealed they simply wished each other luck in their future projects, not stating anything about a specific role in a DC film.

“Look, there are no doors right now that are slammed shut for me in any capacity,” Gustin explained. “And that’s why I said what I said about James Gunn. I love the Guardians movies, I love what he’s done, but the soundbite that’s getting picked up everywhere…”

“I don’t know if he was already following me or not, but I just DMed him and said, ‘I can’t wait to see what you do with that.’ So he just hit me back up and then, yeah, he said he thought I was talented and said that he’d love to work with me someday, which is a very general nice thing to say.”

While some fans may be disappointed that Grant Gustin won’t be returning as The Flash anytime soon, it may be for the best that the actor is taking a step away from DC. It’s clear he’s doing amazingly with his current projects, and some distance may leave him better than ever to make his grand return in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe.

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