‘Green Lantern’ Star Finn Wittrock Teases His Guy Gardner Costume

Guy Gardner speaks!

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Guy Gardner actor Finn Wittrock has teased what to expect from his costume when he stars in the Green Lantern series for HBO Max.

Although it had been a while since fans heard anything major about the Green Lantern HBO Max series, Finn Wittrock was recently announced as the first live-action version of Guy Gardner – an arrogant overly-masculine hero who proved to be hugely popular in the 1980s. He won’t be the only ring-slinger in the upcoming series, as the original lantern Alan Scott will also make an appearance. It’s not clear whether John Stewart will also show up in the series, but the character is expected to lead the Green Lantern Corps movie in development at Warner Bros.

When speaking to Rotten Tomatoes about the HBO Max Green Lantern series, Finn Wittrock explained that although a suit hasn’t been designed for the show yet he’s expecting it to be skin-tight much like it is in the comics. The Guy Gardener actor also pointed out that filming doesn’t begin for a while, so he hasn’t seen too much of what he’ll be wearing. Take a look below.

“No suit yet. I’m reading the comics very interested to see quite how skin-tight this Green Lantern [suit] will be.It’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in that outfit. I haven’t really seen much. It’s still early, ‘cos we don’t start filming for a while.”

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HBO Max’s Green Lantern series will span several decades and focus on the origins of two Emerald Knights, with classic comic book villain Sinestro appearing as well. In addition, HBO Max is developing a Strange Adventures DC anthology series and a DC Super Hero High show from Elizabeth Banks. News of the Green Lantern series arrived shortly after reports of HBO Max planning to produce DC projects with budgets on par with those of feature films.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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