Guess Which Two Heroes Team Up Against Another In HUGE ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Fight!

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Ok, so we previously learned about which Avengers are on which side in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

As Marvel likes to play things pretty close to the chest, not much has been heard about the fights between the Avengers. Surely with a title like Civil War, it’s expected that there will be some major mano a mano action going on in the film.

Well, we learned about a fight. Actually a pretty big one. You know which two heroes team up? In one corner we have… Captain America and Bucky! Yup the two best friends from World War II, last seen together in the post credit scene from Ant-Man. You know who those two tag team up against? In the other corner we have… Iron Man! Summerslam done Marvel style!

Pretty damn cool right? I thought about this fight all weekend. At first I thought Tony Stark was screwed. After all, he is fighting two chemically enhanced super soldiers. One with a vibranium shield and the other with a cybernetic arm. I mean, no way a mere mortal even in an Iron Man suit could throw down against those two. Then it hit me. If Tony Stark is indeed rocking the Bleeding Edge armor as Mark 46 armor which technically makes Tony stronger than the Hulk and enhances his intelligence to superhuman levels, then folks in my opinion Iron Man is actually the favorite in the matchup! How the hell are Captain America and Bucky going to fight against that? This is what is fun about these kind of scoops because fanboys could now speculate and come up perhaps with a better theory than mine.

I don’t know exact details about this Captain America: Civil War fight and how it goes down or who wins, but I hear it will be one for the ages. What do you guys think? Chime in below and let us know who you think wins this matchup and why.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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