‘Halloween’ 2018 Almost Reshot The Ending Of The Original Film

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

The upcoming Halloween sequel will ignore all previous entries in the series, except for John Carpenter’s original 1978 horror classic. In fact, director David Gordan Green revealed that the new film originally began with the ending of the first Halloween while speaking at a Los Angeles press junket.

Gordan Green explained that the ending of the original film was originally going to be reshot from a different perspective:

“Even in the script going into production, we were going to refilm the end of the original film from a different perspective. We had this very complicated overhead view of Loomis shooting the gun, Michael going over and then the apprehension, assuming everybody was going to need a little bit to get back up to speed with where we are and we haven’t seen the movie in a long time or we’ve never seen the movie, had to invite everyone to the party and that kind of thing. We kept pushing it off.”

Jamie Lee Curtis would have also played young Laurie Strode, according to Green:

“Jamie would’ve recreated, with a blend of Jamie and a body double similar to 19-year-old Jamie. We had all these ideas.”

While the team cast the sequel’s art director as a double for the late Donald Pleasance’s Dr. Loomis and the key set PA as a young version of Will Patton’s new character, Green explained that John Carpenter ultimately convinced him the scene was not necessary:

“This was Carpenter actually calming me down on set. I’m like, ‘Nobody’s going to know what’s happening and where we’re coming from.’ He’s like, ‘Just trust ‘em and leave ‘em alone and let ‘em figure it out.’”

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Directed by David Gordan Green from a script co-written by himself, Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride, Halloweenstars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner and Nick Castle.

Halloween will be released in theaters on October 19, 2018.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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