‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Defends Transphobic Tweets In New Essay

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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has published a new manifesto in which the Wizarding World creator defends her recent tweets which have drawn criticism for being transphobic.

Last weekend, Rowling published several tweets that have been criticized for being transphobic and harmful to the transgender community. The Harry Potter author expressed her opinion on the importance of biological sex which many found to be offensive. But in a new manifesto, Rowling doubled-down on her position as she offered some clarification on her recent comments about the trans community:

“I forgot the first rule of Twitter – never, ever expect a nuanced conversation – and reacted to what I felt was degrading language about women. I spoke up about the importance of sex and have been paying the price ever since.”

Rowling also cited many commonly held beliefs of gender critical feminists and explained that she will not “bow down” to a movement that she feels is eroding womanhood:

“I refuse to bow down to a movement that I believe is doing demonstrable harm in seeking to erode ‘woman’ as a political and biological class and offering cover to predators like few before it. I stand alongside the brave women and men, gay, straight and trans, who’re standing up for freedom of speech and thought, and for the rights and safety of some of the most vulnerable in our society: young gay kids, fragile teenagers, and women who’re reliant on and wish to retain their single sex spaces.”

The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts writer also revealed herself to be a survivor of sexual assault. The author explained that the backlash seen online after her tweets last Saturday left her in a “very dark place inside” her head, as she recounted her memory of her own sexual assault repeatedly:

“That assault happened at a time and in a space where I was vulnerable, and a man capitalised on an opportunity. I couldn’t shut out those memories and I was finding it hard to contain my anger and disappointment about the way I believe my government is playing fast and loose with womens’ and girls’ safety.”

The 3600-word manifesto can be read in full on Rowling’s personal website here.

Rowling’s recent tweets have drawn much criticism from the LGBTQ community, which has labeled the author as a TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist). Her position also resulted in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts stars Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne speaking out in support of the transgender community, with Radcliffe publishing an essay on the website for LGBTQ crisis intervention and suicide prevention non-profit The Trevor Project.

This isn’t the first time Rowling has been criticized for what many have found to be transphobic. The Wizarding World creator fell under fire last December after she expressed support for a tax specialist who lost her job for transphobic tweets.

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