‘Hawkeye’ Confirms Another Marvel Hero Was Snapped Away By Thanos

The snap takes another Marvel hero...

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The latest episode of Hawkeye confirmed that a new Marvel hero was whisked away by Thanos’ snap.

Spoilers for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye.

Every character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was either snapped away by Thanos for five years or managed to live on in a strange new world. Thanks to the Avengers, billions were brought back to life after being reduced to nothing but dust. Hawkeye has gracefully explored this concept, particularly with Clint Barton’s alter-ego Ronin, a masked vigilante who enacted vengeance upon criminals who didn’t perish in the snap. We know that both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop lived on during Thanos’ snap, but what about the latest addition to the Hawkeye team?

The fifth episode of Hawkeye confirmed that a major Marvel player was reduced to dust by Thanos when he snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War. The latest episode of the Marvel series opens on Yelena in 2018, where she’s attempting to free as many Black Widows as she can. After entering a home for some much-needed relaxation time, an associate asks the Florence Pugh character how her sister is doing. Belova responds enthusiastically and then goes to the bathroom. There, she looks at herself in the mirror and is instantly turned to dust as Thanos snaps his fingers in Wakanda.

Yelena Belova would later return five years later, discovering that her sister Natasha Romanoff perished during the battle against Thanos. The Black Widow assassin would then be recruited by a mysterious Marvel villain to take down Hawkeye, who she believes is behind her sister’s death. Of course, things don’t go as planned, and Belova’s return in the final episode in the series will hopefully clear up all the questions we have.

Here is the synopsis for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye:

Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: get back to his family for Christmas. Possible? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer with dreams of becoming a Super Hero. The two are forced to work together when a presence from Barton’s past threatens to derail far more than the festive spirit.

Hawkeye stars Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Tony Dalton, Fra Free, Brian d’Arcy James, Aleks Paunovic, Piotr Adamczyk, Linda Cardellini, Simon Callow, Vera Farmiga and Alaqua Cox. Florence Pugh also returned in her Black Widow role.

The first five episodes of Hawkeye are now available to stream on Disney Plus, with new episodes dropping on Wednesdays. Stay tuned for all the latest news surrounding the Jeremy Renner series and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content.