Henry Cavill Jokes About His Failed Superman Post-Credits Scene In ‘Black Adam’

Superman has rotten luck!

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Even Superman has a sense of humor! Henry Cavill recently joked about his ill-fated appearance in the post-credits scene of Black Adam.

Black Adam‘s release was an interesting time for DC fans. The future of the extended universe was uncertain, with multiple players making power grabs and films flopping left and right. For a moment, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope in the project’s post-credits scene, with Henry Cavill finally making his long-awaited return as Superman on the silver screen.

However, it seems the post-credits scene was never meant to be. Not long after announcing his return to the role of Superman, Henry Cavill took to social media to announce that Black Adam would be the final time he would don the iconic cape and tights, with James Gunn and Peter Safran recasting the character for their brand new DC Universe.

Henry Cavill Jokes About His Poor Luck

Henry Cavill has remained rather silent on his role in Black Adam ever since the post-credits scene fell through. However, that doesn’t mean the actor isn’t in good spirits. He recently joked about his failed return as Superman in an interview with Business Insider, remarking “Turns out, I don’t have much luck with post-credit scenes. So, I may give up on those.”

Henry Cavill’s return as Superman in Black Adam may not be the only reason to give up on post-credits scenes. Comic book films have seemingly lost their “magic bullet” quality at the box office, making returns for studios less certain than ever. Perhaps the era of guaranteed teases has come to an end as focus shifts to making solid single projects. One might even say the Hierarchy of Power in the DC Universe is about to change!

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