‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: What To Expect Next From These 8 Storylines

Game of Thrones

Two more seasons. 14 more episodes. That, as far we know today, is how much of Game of Thrones is left before the credits roll a final time.

HBO has only officially renewed the show through season 7, which show director Jeremy Podeswa recently confirmed would consist of seven episodes but showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss made it clear leading up to season 6 that they would only need 10-15 further episodes to conclude their take on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. It seems logical to assume the final season will be roughly the same in length as season 7, though we likely won’t know the shape of season 8 until next year at the earliest.

Beyond seeking story brevity, it is highly likely a big reason behind shortened final seasons is to spread the budget from the cut episodes to make the coming conflict between the White Walkers and people who aren’t White Walkers as epic as it needs to be.

While Season 6 was the first season to “officially” move past the books, the ratio of old and new material has become steadily skewed since the very faithful Season 1. Indeed, it was never really true; these “post-book” seasons has seen probably as much old/remixed content (the return of the Greyjoys, the Riverlands trip this year) as it did new (Tyrion meeting Dany, Stannis burning Shireen last year). After last night’s finale (my recap here), everything is finally either caught up or beyond the jumping off point of where Martin left them.

As such, there’s a lot to speculate and theorize about. So let’s! Click next to scroll through the list or click which link interests you the most.

  1. Bran Stark, the Three-Eyed Raven + the White Walkers
  2. Jon Snow, King in the North + Littlefinger/Vale
  3. The Riverlands
  4. Euron Greyjoy, King in the Iron Islands
  5. Cersei Lannister, the Mad Queen
  6. Samwell Tarly and the Order of Maesters in Oldtown
  7. Arya Stark, the Lone Wolf
  8. Danerys Targaryen & friends journey to Westeros


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