‘Creature Commandos’: James Gunn Reveals Exciting Update About DC Animated Series

Creature Commandos is coming!

Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos is rounding the finish line! DC Studios co-head James Gunn updates fans on the progress of his upcoming animated series.

James Gunn has been playing his cards close to his chest when it comes to Creature Commandos. Despite the animated series coming out later this year on Max, it could be argued fans know less about it than other DC projects like Superman. However, Gunn did give an exciting update teasing that footage could be coming soon.

“Animatics and all recording is done,” Gunn revealed on Threads. “Waiting on the first animated cuts.”

The first animated cuts could mean that a teaser for Creature Commandos would show at San Diego Comic-Con, even if James Gunn himself won’t be in attendance due to filming commitments for DC. This would also be fans’ first look at the series since the initial Creature Commando artwork was revealed, meaning they’d finally get to see the mysterious animation style for the series.

The Weird Placement Of Creature Commandos

While many fans assume that Superman is the first project in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe, that’s not exactly true. Despite starting development prior to the reboot, Creature Commandos is set to be the first project set in the universe, even if it won’t be a feature film.

This puts a surprising amount of pressure on the silly animated show that most DC fans would hold to less of a standard than Young Justice. James Gunn will also likely use the series to set up key recurring characters in his reboot like Rick Flag Sr. and Frankenstein. The director has certainly pulled off miracles before, and he’ll need it for this show!

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