James Gunn Expresses Love For DC; Enjoyed ‘Man of Steel’

Marvel versus DC

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a fan of both Marvel and DC comics. Sure, some people may have a larger affinity towards a particular brand of superheroes but they can still find enjoyment in all types of heroic stories despite of what logo is presented on the cover of a comic book or film/TV series. And besides, even though the Marvel vs DC battle always existed, there was always a sense of friendly competition from the brands both on the printed page and on the silver screen.

James Gunn, director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a pure comic book fan through-in-through, and has grown up reading characters from both Marvel and DC. In fact, Gunn was offered opportunities to direct DC films in the past.

Gunn is one of the most prominent superhero filmmakers on social media, and recently responded to fans on Twitter in regards to a report that Guardians of the Galaxy is the deadliest film of all-time. One of the fans responded to Gunn and mentioned Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, citing how that film is constantly criticized for all the death and destruction in Metropolis during the film’s climactic battle. Gunn subsequently responded to that tweet:

Another user responded to Gunn, bringing up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – particularly the film’s finale where Superman sacrifices himself in the final battle with Doomsday. Gunn replied to that tweet as well, having been asked about the criticisms of Man of Steel rather than Batman v Superman.

Another fan questioned whether or not Gunn has seen either Man of Steel or Batman v Superman, perhaps believing the notion that the director is simply repeating the same criticisms that many others have had about the films. In actuality, Gunn has seen Man of Steel and even enjoyed it.

Gunn soon followed up from these tweets, expressing that contrary to what many comic book fans believe, just because he’s directing movies for Marvel Studios does not negate him from having a love for comic book characters/stories from both Marvel and DC:

This isn’t the first time Gunn has expressed love and excitement for DC properties. In fact, he recently engaged in a warm and friendly Twitter conversation with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, expressing his excitement for her upcoming film.

Gunn is a prime example of someone who truly loves the world of comics, even directing another superhero film (Super)  before he signed on to work with Marvel. It is nice moments like this that should tell fans that it’s okay to prefer a certain brand of characters to another, but that should not negate them from enjoying other comic book stories. Both Marvel and DC have incredible characters that epitomize the hero we all should aspire to be. They all provide colorful stories and have entertained millions of readers/audiences from generation to generation. Besides, when it comes to both the MCU and the DCEU producing new films featuring our favorite heroes and villains, the real winners in this competition are the fans.

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Noah Villaverde

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  • Marquis de Sade

    Dang, these dceu fangurls are an infestation that’s constantly on the attack mode if you don’t blindly worship at their alter of mediocrity.

    • 12stepCornelius

      Some of them are like that yeah. However other DCEU fans are actually sick of being attacked for innocently praising the movies, which happens, like, every time someone praises one of those movies on social media.They’re fed up and attacking back with the same amount of vitriol as the haters, even when unwarranted. You could say they’re radicalized lol.

      • Math

        There are all kind of people and I’ve learned long ago to never label an entire group of people based on a few individuals actions. I must say though that I have observed a lot of aggression coming from a lot of DC fans when you don’t like the same things they do. Most Marvel fans don’t seem to care as much about how people react to their favorite movies.

        I’m sure this observation comes from a few extremists where the general fan base are much more mellow and accepting about this. The few that stands out from the crowd for being very aggressive are giving a bad reputation to the average fan. I’m not saying Marvel fans are more polite then DC fans as I have seen a lot of them being downright mean towards the passions of another group of people, but that also reminds me a lot of kids behaviors in the school yard where kids repeatedly pick on the kids that reacts the strongest to their attacks. DC fans might believe they are fighting back, but they are actually exposing themselves as easy targets and fueling the conflict by embarking on pointless debates about who can throw the best insults.

        Like I said, you can never generalize. I’m sure there are plenty of examples of the the exact opposite of what I just said. I’m just stating a tendency I have noticed on the sites I have visited. Maybe it’s just the current context in which Marvel movies have been on a roll lately and DC movies are still forming their identity that makes a group having a false sense of superiority while the other feel the need to fight harder to win back the respect they feel they are entitled to !? Still, my general feeling is I can more easily and constructively debate the good and bad of movies with Marvel fans without the need to exchange endless insults where there often is no way to keep a debate respectful with a lot of the DC fans. Let’s just say these days, it’s refreshing when you can actually find someone who stays respectful while you politely debate your opinions. The polite ones are probably mostly gone, being too tired of arguing with narrow minded people who too quickly turn to insults to help them feel like they passed their point and won the argument. All I know is I often abandon a lot of debates for these exact reasons. What’s funny is how often the other person feels proud of how he “won” the debate. Oh well.


    First, why do writers feel the need to express the notion that people are free to like both franchises? It sounds like you guys are trying to indoctrinate us, and/or force your opinions open your reading audience. It gets tiresome.
    For the 100th time, people know that they have the right to like both. Just like, contrary to what you would have is believe, we know we have the right one franchise over the other as well.
    Anyways, Gunn sounds like he’s deflecting in that exchange, as he usually is.

    • Axxell

      He pretty much owned those fanboys trying to trap him into a contradiction, mixing up movies to confuse him and trying to infer he’s somehow ignorant abut DC movies.

      Sounds like you’re still bitter about Marvel associates speaking with authority, as usual.

    • Steve Steve

      For the 100th time, people know that they have the right to like both. Just like, contrary to what you would have is believe, we know we have the right one franchise over the other as well.

      I actually agree with Sammy here (terrible english aside). There is no requirement that we all be positive about every DC and Marvel film. We all know what we like and what we consider to be good storytelling. There is far too much cowing to the whiners in this world already. The rational individual (though uncommon) would simply judge the films on their individual merits and not pay homage to a brand at all.

      I cannot stand BvS, but I am immeasurably excited to see “The Batman.” I have a certain amount of brand loyalty to Marvel/Feige, but I love Batman and Superman and I want so badly for them to return to prominence.

  • MaDNaD

    Fans on both sides need to be like this guy!

  • Steve Steve

    I do think Gunn nailed it regarding the criticism of MoS. Sure, it’s been unreasonably criticized for many things, but the lack of empathy portrayed in MoS is a travesty. Superman’s nature was ignored in an otherwise good movie. He didn’t have to save everyone, but he needed to try.