‘Green Lantern’: James Gunn Speaks On Canceled Guy Gardner-Led Max Series

James Gunn breaks his silence!

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James Gunn brought the axe down on the Green Lantern Max series! The DC Studios co-head recently gave his thoughts on the canceled show focusing on Guy Gardner.

DC was in an exceptionally interesting place prior to James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the studio. There was a long line of canceled films in its wake, from Deadshot to Man of Steel 2, and many of its most popular characters still didn’t even have their own projects.

This is where Green Lantern comes into play. Technically titled Lanterns, the Max series would’ve focused on Guy Gardner (played by Finn Wittrock) and Alan Scott (played by Jeremy Irvine). Shortly after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC, the series was scrapped, and Witrock was replaced by Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner.

James Gunn Assures Green Lantern Fans

Some have speculated the cancellation of the Green Lantern Max series was a personal hitjob by James Gunn to get Nathan Fillion in the role of Guy Gardner. However, according to Gunn, things aren’t so complicated. The director explained projects get canceled all the time, but that he’s sure the team behind it will find success in the future.

“I didn’t think it was in the DCEU, but it was before my time,” Gunn wrote on Threads. “That said, I think Finn [Wittrock]’s a talented guy and he’ll be okay. Writers, directors, actors have projects fall through every day. We’ve all had it happen many times. It’s not being ‘done dirty’, it’s a part of the job.”

It’s true that some projects just get canceled. Considering DC is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s honestly more likely a project gets scrapped than ever sees the light of day. It’s good that James Gunn is able to see the bright side of this situation though. Here’s to hoping a similar fate doesn’t befall the Green Lantern show being developed for the new DCU!

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