‘Superman’ DCU Reboot Details Reveal First Scenes Filmed By James Gunn

A surprising start!

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Superman is already flying high! James Gunn has revealed the first scenes being shot for his DC Universe reboot.

Production on Superman has officially begun, with James Gunn and his crew filming the first scenes of the movie in Svalbard, Norway. This has opened the floodgates with new details about the upcoming reboot, revealing that some of the first scenes in the new DC Universe will be taking place in the iconic Fortress of Solitude.

“We have filmed the first scenes, which are when Superman flees to the ice fortress,” Gunn explained to a local paper. “We wanted a place that was beautiful and felt like being in the middle of the Arctic, so we looked at several places in the world. But there were many things that sold Svalbard for us over the other places. First, there is the natural beauty. But also the fact that you’ll find a varied landscape here that you won’t find anywhere else. Nature gives a special feeling.”

Don’t expect Superman set leaks anytime soon

It’s certainly interesting that some of the first scenes shot for Superman will be taking place in the Fortress of Solitude. While it’s an iconic location in the DC Universe, it’s not exactly the flashiest location to start the film with. Despite how flashy it is, The Fortress likely won’t be seen by fans anytime soon, with James Gunn revealing he isn’t the biggest fan of people trying to snap photos of the set.

“We have had some who have been curious, yes, who have stood and watched,” he continued. “But that’s perfectly fine. And that’s a big difference. Because being interested in just watching is something completely different than when you have people trying to sneak into the set to take pictures that they can make money from by selling online.”

Given how important Superman is set to be for the DC Universe reboot, it’s understandable that both James Gunn and Warner Bros. would be doing everything they can to keep a lid on leaks and spoilers. The best fans have regarding a look at the Fortress of Solitude is a quick snap of the set showing off what appears to be part of a flying rig.

Assuming James Gunn and Warner Bros. want to stay ahead of leaks, it’s likely some big reveals regarding costuming will be coming soon. It’s unavoidable to keep David Corenswet completely out of the public eye, especially as the reboot is expected to film in major cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati. Though exactly what fans get and when they get it simply depends on how much Gunn feels the need to hype up Superman in the eyes of the public.

Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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