‘Tron: Ares’ Set Video Reveals New Look At Jared Leto’s Practical Costume

Morbius takes on Tron!

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Tron: Ares seems to be anything but digital! A new set video gives fans their best look at Jared Leto’s costume in the upcoming sequel.

Fans have been waiting nearly a decade and a half to return to The Grid after the release of Tron: Legacy. Their wish is finally being granted next year, with Tron: Ares currently filming in Vancouver, Canada. A set video from the project gives fans their first look at Jared Leto’s costume in the upcoming film.

Jared Leto will be playing the titular Ares in Tron: Ares. Leto is set to be the leading man in the sequel, with his character described as “a computer program sent from the digital world into the real world on a dangerous mission to introduce artificial intelligence beings to humans.” Ares will reportedly face off against Edward Dillinger Jr., an ENCOM board member from Tron: Legacy who has been recast to be played by Evan Peters.

The Secret Villain Hiding In Tron: Ares

While Jared Leto may be the protagonist of Tron: Ares, that doesn’t mean his character doesn’t have ties to the most iconic villain of the franchise. His suit has a distinct red color, seemingly tying it to the Master Control Program that has served as the most iconic antagonist of the Tron series.

It’s currently unclear how or if this connection will be revealed in Tron: Ares, and what the connection will mean for Jared Leto’s character in relation to Edward Dillinger Jr. Though given the franchise’s history of poor box office performance and Leto’s recent string of flops with projects like Morbius, it’s likely all questions will be answered by the time the credits role with no tease for a sequel.

Tron: Ares is currently set to release on October 10, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the third Tron movie and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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