Jodie Foster Calls Out Superhero Films As A ‘Phase That’s Lasted A Little Too Long’

Has it lasted too long?

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It seems everyone in Hollywood is lining up to take a shot at superhero films. Jodie Foster is the latest actress up to bat, hoping that people grow sick of the genre soon.

This newest phase of superhero media seems to have turned everyone against everyone’s favorite beings in tights. Everyone from Martin Scorcese to John Woo have taken jabs at the genre, lambasting it for being creatively bankrupt. Now, The Silence of the Lambs actress Jodie Foster has taken aim at Marvel and DC, saying they’re not the type of films she got into acting to do.

“It’s a phase. It’s a phase that’s lasted a little too long for me, but it’s a phase, and I’ve seen so many different phases,” Foster told Elle Magazine. “Hopefully people will be sick of it soon. The good ones—like ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘The Matrix’—I marvel at those movies, and I’m swept up in the entertainment of it, but that’s not why I became an actor. And those movies don’t change my life. Hopefully, there’ll be room for everything else.”

While it’s certainly understandable Jodie Foster isn’t a fan of superhero movies, it can’t be denied that films like the ones put out by Marvel and DC change the lives of millions around the world. Young children see themselves in the eyes of heroes and become inspired to push themselves to even greater heights, a phenomenon that’s become even more important as more diversity is introduced into the genre.

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It’s also important to note superhero movies are far from a new phenomenon. Some younger fans may not remember just how saturated the market was in the ’90s and early 2000s, with titles like Blankman and Steel poisoning the genre almost beyond repair.

Contrary to popular belief, superhero films also aren’t pushing out every other genre of film, with dozens of new projects being released every day between theaters and streaming. While the superhero genre can certainly serve to pump its own brakes, hopefully, the genre as a whole doesn’t go the way of the dinosaur.

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