John Cena’s Cryptic ‘Captain America’ Post Has Fans Speculating

John Cena Captain America

Tell me how many times you’ve heard this one before. An actor not currently playing a comic book role posts something comic-related on their social media. Following that, many entertainment outlets, this one included, and fans alike grasping at straws and speculating that they’ll be taking on that character in a live-action performance. That or it’s a not so subtle way of them asking for an audition. Think fans speculating that Megan Fox would play Poison Ivy. Think Eiza Gonzalez dressing up as Catwoman for Halloween. Think John Cena and Captain America.

Wait, what? Okay, this is literally making a stretch that not even Reed Richards could make, but yesterday, John Cena shared an image on his Instagram page of Cap’s scratched shield from Captain America: Civil War. No caption, no hashtag, just an image of the shield and nothing more. Perhaps he’s feeling patriotic on the eve of the midterm elections or maybe he just really likes Cap’s shield. Either way, it was enough to get fandom wondering whether this was his way of asking for an audition to play the Star Spangled Man.

After all, we know that, barring any last-minute extensions, Chris Evans’ contract for playing Captain America comes to an end after Avengers 4. And while the fate of Cap is still up in the air until the sequel hits theaters next year, some have speculated that this could be the end of the line for Steve Rogers — and perhaps Tony Stark as well — with a new crop of Avengers stepping up to defend Earth. That or maybe Bucky or Falcon pick up the title. They are getting their own series, after all. But hey, judge for yourself in John Cena’s Instagram post below.

Or hey, Halloween did just pass. Maybe John Cena was Captain America for Halloween. No real way to tell, but you know it doesn’t take much to make a mountain out of a molehill, especially when it comes to comic book character castings. Then again, Cena does say that images on his Instagram will be posted without explanation, so there’s that. But hey, if Cena were to play Steve Rogers, he wouldn’t exactly have to go through a super soldier program to get bulked up for the role, would he? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can next see John Cena as Agent Burns in the upcoming Bumblebee film, which lands in theaters this December 21, 2018.

Source: Instagram

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