John Krasinski Still Interested In Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe

John Krasinski

John Krasinski

From his more comedic roots as Jim Halpert in ‘The Office’, to becoming a ripped leading man for ’13 Hours’ and the upcoming ‘Jack Ryan’ Amazon series, and even having some directorial efforts under his belt, John Krasinski has become an immensely likable and multi-talented star. But he nearly got a chance to show off his leading man chops a few years earlier, when he was a close contender for the role of the Captain himself in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’. The role ultimately went to Chris Evans, and Krasinski has talked openly about the process, recently discussing auditioning for the role on Conan. But with the MCU train still going full speed ahead, and with A-list actors joining the party every other week, it would make sense for Krasinski to still be enticed by the opportunity to come onboard.

Krasinski was interviewed by Collider for his new film ‘The Hollars’, which he both starred in and directed, and of course, his past experience with Marvel was brought up. He was asked if he’d still be interested in joining the MCU, and he sounds game to do it.

Absolutely. My whole thing is I’m such a huge fan of the Marvel movies, so if there are any characters left for sure, bang the drum (laughs). Just to be in that world, they’re really well-made and they seem like they’re having a lot of fun and I happen to be friends with a whole bunch of those guys and girls, so to me it would be a great time, I’d love it.

Krasinski went on to divulge on why he’s a fan of the Marvel movies, and even cited ‘Captain America: Civil War’, joking about how Chris Evans’ work in the film made Krasinski glad he didn’t get the role.

They seem to have figured it out that your audience is only gonna keep coming back if you deliver them quality. I think Guardians of the Galaxy was the best example of that because, to me at least, that was the one that everybody felt like “Oh how could they make this work? How could it be good?” and then it ended up being one of the best ones, I think. That’s what’s interesting to me is their batting average is enormous. They’re doing very, very well. I think that’s the reason why I love the Marvel movies, is they’re great movies. I just happened to watch Captain America: Civil War, and first of all I’m so glad I didn’t get Captain America when you see Chris do it because he’s fantastic at it. I’ve been friends with Chris forever and I remember when I got the call and they said Chris Evans is gonna be Captain America I said, “Yeah, I bet he is! He is Captain America!” But that one in particular, Civil War, was so well-written. They take the time to make good movies, which I think that’s the problem, people aren’t taking the time to write a good story.

And with Krasinski now having director experience (not unlike our current Captain, Chris Evans), he was asked if he’d want to direct a large-scale blockbuster aside from starring in one, and he seems more hesitant on that front, though he’s not entirely opposed.

I don’t know if I wanna direct one of the biggest movies ever made (laughs). There’s so much pressure on that. But I’d definitely direct a studio film next. I’m glad I have a couple of movies down, but someone said yesterday they’re hiring people who do these indie movies to do the bigger movies now, and to me it’s all about story. I don’t care how much the budget is, I care about how well-written and well thought out the characters are and the story. So I would love to take on a bigger budget movie and try to apply the specificity that I did on this to a bigger movie, that’s the challenge.

Would you want to see Krasinski join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Who would you want to see him play? He’s certainly got the ability to be a leading hero, but he did recently joke about playing a Marvel villain, and I got to say, that would be exciting to me.

You can see John Krasinski in ‘The Hollars’, in theaters August 26th.

Source: Collider

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