John Ostrander, Co-Creator Of Amanda Waller, Loved ‘Suicide Squad’



Popularly known as the co-creator of the modern Suicide Squad stories and Amanda Waller, John Ostrander is one of the main reasons this new movie even exists. He helped to reimagine Task Force X in the 80s, turning what was once a one-off in the 50s into a popular and successful series that is still influencing the current run of Suicide Squad under New 52.

So Ostrander’s opinion on this new film is quite relevant, cynicism for any possible bias aside. Ostrander is also well-known for working on Marvel and Dark Horse comics as well, including one of my favorite Star Wars series of all time, Legacy.

Specifically, Ostrander said on his Facebook page:

I had a wonderful time and i loved the film.

It’s important to point out, of course, that Ostrander was celebrated in the film itself, both in the end credits and as an easter egg — one of the buildings in the movie is named after him. For that reason, it’s easy to think that the comic book writer would have avoided saying anything at all if he truly disliked the film.

That said, other comic book writers have also sounded off praises for the film. Jimmy Palmiotti, co-writer for Harley Quinn, had a lot to say about the critical reception in particular:

Here is an interesting thing to do….go to twitter and type in SUICIDESQUAD and read the live feed of people coming out of the movie. 95% of the people that have seen it love it. I think in a way, the critics not loving it is making the actual people paying to see it like it more maybe? I had a great time, flawed as the story was in places…I loved the characters and hope for another.

And finally, Kevin Smith had plenty of nice things to say about the film, as well, calling out Harley Quinn, as played by Margot Robbie, in particular for a standout performance.

No matter what you think about the new Suicide Squad movie, it is nice to see that the writers who wrote these comics actually enjoy the films they’ve directly influenced. Even lesser-known comics like Suicide Squad that few people would have ever expected to one day get the big screen treatment.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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