John Wesley Shipp Supports Billy Crudup As Henry Allen In ‘The Flash’ Movie

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While it was recently announced that actor Billy Crudup (Watchmen) was cast as Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen, in the upcoming The Flash film, it is not the first time the character will have been done in live action. Henry Allen was an established character in The Flash CW television show, played by none other than early 90’s The Flash TV show star, John Wesley Shipp. Henry was killed off at the end of season two, but his Earth-3 counterpart, Jay Garrick, is still alive and well.

Although Crudup is “taking over” the role of Henry Allen, so to speak, Shipp only has great things to say about the guy. In a recent tweet, Shipp decided to voice his support for the new actor. When a fan tweeted to him the story from Variety that Crudup had been cast, Shipp responded with this tweet:

If John Wesley Shipp can get behind Billy Crudup, we should all be able to also. I mean, the guy is Doctor Manhattan, after all. Are you excited to see Billy Crudup play Henry Allen in the scarlet speedster’s first live action movie? Make sure to let us know, below in the comments.

The Flash TV show returns to the CW for its third season on October 4th, at 8 pm, and The Flash film is scheduled for a March of 2018 release.

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